Amie’s second smacking

In a previous story, I described how my twins Archie and Amie experienced their first spanking one night, at bedtime, at the age of four.

As I mentioned, that first sore bottom came as a great shock to both of them, and for a few days at least I had two very well behaved children!

However, Amie was in many ways a defiant little girl, who constantly pushed the boundaries, and it was only three days after that first punishment when I had no option to provide her with another stinging backside to teach her a good lesson.

It was Saturday morning, and Amie had been sulky and rude since she woke up. She received multiple warnings from me, and ended up in the corner for 10 minutes and earning a sweets ban for the rest of the day.

After all this drama,. I needed to go food shopping so I prepared the children and put them in the car. Amie was still pouting and grumpy and when Archie tried to play with her in the car, she refused and stuck her tongue out at him, resulting in yet another warning of no TV for the weekend.

Once at the shops , we got a trolley and started shopping – which is certainly no fun with a grouchy four-year-old! Archie was happy and playful and being a good boy, though, which was a relief. Amie, however, was pestering me for sweets. I reminded her that as she had been naughty all day, she would not be getting any. She continued to whine and I tried to ignore her.

I loaded up the trolley, then went to the counter to pay for my food. To my horror, when I had done so, I turned around to see Amie eating a chocolate bar she had grabbed off the counter. I immediately snatched it away, and after whispering in my daughter’s ear that she was in big trouble, I went back to the counter to pay for it.

I grabbed both children by the hand and walked them out of the shop and back to the car. I was parked at the bottom of the car park so it was quiet and there were no other vehicles. I strapped Archie into his seat, then opened up the front passenger door.

I grabbed Amie and bent her over the seat to be spanked. She was crying and pleading with me and apologising. but I ignored her and lowered her leggings and underpants just enough to bare her bottom. I smacked her left cheek sharply and she began to cry immediately. Amie tried to put her hand on her behind to rub the sting away, but I held it firmly away and began smacking her backside hard enough to make her regret her behaviour, while ensuring the punishment was age-appropriate, of course.

Altogether, I smacked Amie’s bottom eight times, leaving it pink and sore. I lifted her into a standing position and pulled her clothes back up. Her hands went back to her bottom and she cried hard.

I then bent down to speak to her. “Next time you behave in that way, I will smack your bottom with my wooden spoon – do I make myself clear?” She nodded vigorously, one hand wiping her eyes and the other her little bum.

I lifted my daughter up and strapped her into the seat. She was very contrite for the rest of the day, which was a great relief as I really didn’t like to smack unless for very bad behaviour.

Afterwards, I sat with a coffee and wondered how long it would be before I had to give Archie his second spanking…

Contributor: Elsie

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