First time for the twins

Up until the age of three, my twins – son Archie and daughter Amie – had never had what you might call a proper spanking. They had experienced a smack to the back of the hand and occasionally to the back of their leg, but I had never smacked their bottoms. 

I wanted to save the shock of a smacked bottom for as long as I possibly could for maximum effectiveness at the right time. I remember my own first spanking on the bare backside and can honestly tell you that I never forgot it. A smack on the thigh or leg stings and is unpleasant – but a bare bum smacking is really something very memorable.

My own children’s reaction to the limited corporal punishment to which they had been subject thus far was somewhat different. Archie would scream at even the lightest slap on his leg and end up in a massive meltdown. Amie, by contrast, would not shed a tear but would just sulk and try to act brave. 

The time for a bare bottom spanking finally arrived just after they turned four. The children shared a room, and I had just put them to bed when I heard a loud bang. I came back upstairs to find them playing with toy cars on the floor. They laughed and I warned them: “Back in bed now, please.”  They hopped back in bed. 

Ten minutes later, I again heard a noise. I went back up to again find them out of bed, playing. This time I was much sterner with them and ordered: “Back in your beds! That is very naughty. I will not tell you again. Next time, it will be a smack!”

I returned downstairs but only a few minutes later, I heard floorboards creaking. I made my way upstairs quietly and as I did so, I decided that it was time for their first ever proper smacked bottom. As I say, neither had so much as a tap to their backsides before this. I was determined to shock them and leave a lasting impression and make it really sting. 

I made it to the top of the stairs and quickly opened the door. They both jumped up and ran back to their beds. “What did I tell you?” I asked calmly and quietly. “I warned you that you would get a smack, didn’t I?” Both children pulled their covers over them, and Archie started to whine and say sorry. 

I made my way over to Archie’s bed and pulled back his covers. He started crying. I gently lifted him up and explained why he had been naughty and that I expected him to do as he was told. He lay on his back and pushed his legs up but I just slid my hands under him and lowered his pyjamas and underpants quickly in one go.

I then lifted Archie up, put him over my knee and gave him his first ever smack to the bare bottom – it was not too hard but would have been very stingy. I felt him jump, then he started howling and and tried to turn over. I held him firmly, let the sting of the first smack sink in, then smacked his other cheek equally hard. 

I gave my son four smacks for his first time – that seemed to be enough. His bottom was a light pink as I pulled his pyjamas and pants back up and sat him back on the bed. He rolled over, put his hand down his pyjamas and rubbed his little bum as he cried hard. 

I left him to take in the lesson of a good sore bottom while I walked over to Amie, who was sitting in the corner of her bed up against the wall with the covers completely over her. I pulled the bedclothes away and we fought for a moment to get the covers off her.

I climbed on to the bed, took hold of her upper arms and pulled her on to her front, lying down on the bed. I lifted Amie’s nightie and quickly lowered her knickers, then delivered the first slap. Again, it was not too hard but enough to give a shocking sting. She gasped and tried to turn over, but I held her down and again waited a while before I gave her the second smack, so she could really appreciate the sting. 

I added three more after that, and by now my daughter was whining but sobbing quietly. I pulled her knickers up, she rolled over and then, to my immense shock, she kicked me. 

I wasn’t having that. I grabbed Amie quickly and immediately rolled her back on to her stomach, took her knickers back down and smacked her across both cheeks much harder than before. She squealed, and I followed this with two spanks in exactly the same spot on her left bottom cheek, but this time lower down on the part of her backside used to sit. This made her howl. Finally, I delivered the same prescription to her right cheek and finally one more across her bum crack.

Once more I restored her knickers to her bottom and asked her: “Do you want any more?” She shook her head violently, crying hard and grasping at her backside. “Now – into bed, please,” I said and she scrambled to obey me.

After about 20 minutes, I went back and gave both my errant lambs a cuddle. I also explained that from now on, they would get a smacked bottom every time they were naughty and disobeyed me.

The smacking did its work, and it was about three weeks before I had to give the next one – but I’ll tell you about that another time. 

Contributor: Elsie

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