Spanking and growing

Like a lot of your correspondents, I believe I have what some have called the ‘spanking gene’, in that I have been fascinated by the act ever since I was subject to it as a little girl.

I didn’t get spanked much during my childhood (usually a few quick smacks across my knickers). My interest really began to grow when I was heading into double figures, and got around to playing spanking games with playmates. I especially relished spanking boys, playing their ‘mum’. Just the feel of their bottom bouncing underneath my palm made me go all tingly in my vagina, and on a few daring occasions I was able to take their underpants down and do them bare bottom. Most of the boys I did this to were a little bit younger than myself, so they fitted snugly over my knee. I sometimes made them cry, but mostly it was all a bit of a laugh.

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