Tanned arse for bullying

When I was about nine years old, I got caught bullying my neighbour’s daughter.

Unfortunately for me, the girl’s mother was good friends with my mum, so after she caught me teasing her daughter, she phoned my mother straight away.

My mum asked her friend to pass the phone over to me. The next thing I heard was Mum telling me that as soon as she got home from work, I was going to get leathered for my misbehaviour.

I had no doubt that I was in serious trouble, as Mum always followed through with her threats. Sure enough, no sooner had she walked in through the door that night than she dragged me by the ear to my bedroom.

Once we got to my room, Mum pulled off my trousers and underpants and ordered me to lie down on the bed. She then proceeded to take the belt off the jeans she was wearing that day, then absolutely leathered my arse black and blue. The thrashing lasted at least 10 minutes and I was crying like a little boy.

My sister was downstairs at the time and could clearly hear everything that was happening upstairs, she told me afterwards. Luckily she didn’t tease me about it, as her own bum was certainly no stranger to a leathering from Mum either.

That night I couldn’t sit down. I also got grounded for two weeks. But the worst part was that I had to apologise to the girl I had bullied, and my mum told the girl and her mother that I had got my bare arse tanned for my trouble.

I will never forget that day.

Contributor: Dylan

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