La zapatilla

I was born in a fairly large Spanish town to a working family, being the middle one of three brothers. I also have a sister. We were raised by strict parents (although not much more than normal for the time) and they were firm believers in corporal punishment, specifically spanking.

Both of our parents spanked us, although Dad very rarely. He worked hard and arrived home tired, so he usually left disciplinary tasks to his wife, who made sure that the peace of the home was not disturbed by noisy and spoiled children. So Dad was left with only the duty of correcting serious faults or extremely bad behaviour.

Generally, all the punishments were administered on our bottoms. We were sometimes smacked on our thighs, but never on the face or other part of our body.

Mom started us on spankings when we were just toddlers, generally administering one or two slaps to our clothed bottoms. When we were little, we were rarely spanked on our bare behinds and the punishment was never more than around three to four quick spanks.

However, as we grew up, so the severity of Mom’s punishments increased. I can remember getting my first real bare bottom spanking over Mom’s lap at three years old. The correction was brief – maybe a around a dozen moderate slaps with her hand.

But worse was to come. I had heard of the fearsome ‘zapatilla’ (Spanish for slipper) and heard the noise it created when it was being applied to my big sister’s bared bottom. I’m talking about typical bedroom slippers, leather or rubbed-soled, which Mom wore at home, and which were always on hand to correct a naughty child.

My first taste of the slipper came at five years old, and I was punished with my sister. We had been fighting (as usual) and ended up breaking a jar. For our sins we both got a long trip over Mom’s lap. Her slipper worked hard and left both our bottoms red and sore for hours.

From that time until around 15, my bottom got a taste of almost all of Mom’s slippers. She purchased them not only thinking about the comfort they would bring to her feet, but also the discomfort they would afford her children’s bottoms, because all our maternal wallopings were delivered with this kind of implement.

Mom’s spanking ritual was always the same – she dropped my pants and underwear, placed me over her lap, took the slipper off her right foot and spanked my bare buttocks alternately until she considered I had been punished sufficiently. A typical slippering consisted of around five minutes of slow, deliberate smacks, accompanied by a motherly scolding.

After I had been spanked, I was usually sent to the corner, or else to my bedroom, especially if it was after dinner, with a hot bottom and no TV at all.

I’ve lost count of how many times I heard Mom’s ask: “¿me quito la zapatilla y te dejo el culo como un tomate?” (Do you want me to take off my slipper and leave your bottom like a tomato?). Such threats were often made in front of other people, relatives or not. If I continued to misbehave, she would make a show of taking off her slipper and preparing to spank.

When I had really pushed the envelope, she didn’t hesitate to spank me in public in exactly the same way she did in private, using whatever footwear she was wearing at that time.

My last maternal slippering was at 15, as I mentioned before, for smoking and lying. But even when I was a good bit older, Mom would remind me about the effectiveness of ‘la zapatilla’ and threaten me with a good spanking if I misbehaved.

Contributor: Agustí

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