Giving my first two spankings

I’d like to tell you about the first two times I gave a spanking. The first time was when I was only 10 years old – it was definitely not allowed and I suspect that had I been found out, I would have ended up getting rather than giving the punishment.

I was at a sleepover birthday party with my two best friends, and we were playing truth or dare. I chose ‘truth’ and was asked what was the most trouble I had ever been in, and what was the punishment. I told the story, recounted in another of my contributions to this site, of how my brother and I went way out of our established bounds and had received a hard paddling for our misdeeds. Since I was ‘under oath’ in a truth or dare game, I even recounted how the paddling had made me so nervous that I’d wet myself, which sent my girlfriends into a fit of giggles. 

My friend Amanda then volunteered that her worst misdeed was taking some money from her mom’s purse. Her dad had ‘whipped my butt until it was redder than a tomato’, which expression set off another fit of giggling.

We both looked at Katie, the birthday girl, for her story. She confessed to getting caught at school cheating on a multiplication test, which resulted in her getting grounded for two nights. I thought this was a pretty lenient punishment. So did Amanda, who wasn’t shy about voicing that opinion. “I can’t believe your mom didn’t spank you for getting in trouble at school. The one time I got in trouble at school, my mom wore me out,” she said.

Katie disclosed that her parents had never spanked her ever, which came as a shock to both myself and Amanda. We let Katie know how lucky she was, and made it clear we didn’t think the situation was fair at all.

We returned to our game, and on Katie’s next turn she chose ‘dare’. Amanda said that since Katie had never been spanked before, she had to take a birthday spanking from both of us.  She looked a little nervous but we reminded her what a serious transgression it was to break the rules of truth or dare – so she agreed.

I won ‘rock, paper, scissors’ to spank first.  I told Katie to pull down her pants and underwear. She balked at this, but because the rules of sleepover truth or dare are sacrosanct, I soon had a bare bottom over my lap. 

Katie was bigger than me so it was a little awkward, but we made it work. I spanked her five times with no reaction from her, so I decided to crank it up a notch. From the sixth spank on, I hit her harder and she began to cry out. I gave her an extra hard one to ‘grow on’ and then a ‘pinch to grow an inch’ on her tush for good measure.  She was the tiniest bit pink afterwards.

Then it was Amanda’s turn, and she got much more into it than I did. She gave Katie a lecture about behaving in school and not embarrassing the family – I presume she copied this lecture from her own parents. Amanda then pulled Katie over her lap and gave her ten rapid, hard spanks, with an extra hard one to grow on. 

Katie came off of her lap bouncing around and rubbing her bottom, which was now thoroughly pink. She commented on how much it hurt – Amanda and I assured her that she had gotten off easy, and that was nothing compared to what our parents dished out. Katie admitted that she was pretty lucky.

By the second time I gave a spanking, I was a bit older and it was more in an official capacity rather than just kids playing games. I was 16 and had been tasked with babysitting my cousins, six-year-old Emma and eight-year-old Randy.

It was the first time that I had babysat them and they were pushing the limits from the beginning, especially Randy.  I had done a couple of time-outs and some threats, but nothing was working. As the night wore on, their behaviour got worse and worse, and they were jumping on the couches and running through the house. 

I had had enough. I grabbed Randy by the wrist as he ran past and began to drag him to the couch. “Hey, what are you doing?” “I’ve had enough of your naughty behaviour, young man – you’re getting a spanking.” “You can’t spank me.  You’re not my mom.” “I can and I will,” I said as I sat down on the couch. 

The childrens’ mom hadn’t said that I could spank them, but she had also not said that I couldn’t. I knew that they were a spanking family and at this point, we had reached the point of no return. I grabbed the waistband of Randy’s shorts and underwear and jerked them down. He clamped his hands down over his privates just as fast as he could. 

“You can’t! You can’t!” I tipped him over my lap and began to spank him.  I gave him two smacks for each year of his age, so a total of 16. He was kicking and screaming by the tenth swat. I had to hold his legs in place to finish the punishment. 

When it was over, I marched Randy to the corner, with him waddling along because his pants were still around his ankles.  I told him he had 10 minutes of corner time, with no rubbing. I swatted his bottom one more time and then went for Emma.

While her brother was getting spanked, Emma had had an amused look on her face – but now she looked nervous.  “Please don’t,” she pleaded. “I’ll be good.” “It’s too late for that now. You’ve been very naughty young lady.” 

Emma’s shorts and undies came down and she went over my lap as well. Like her brother, she got two smacks for each year of her age, for a solid round dozen. Unlike her brother, Emma didn’t kick or scream – she just cried and cried, with big fat tears rolling down her face, leaving a wet spot on the couch.

As soon as we were done, she hugged me and wanted to cuddle. I held her for a minute and then deposited her in the corner like her brother. 

After their corner time was over, both children were much better behaved. I did tell their mom that I had spanked them when she got home. She assured me that I had done the right thing and gave me permission to spank the children again in the future. However, the need never arose again, because they always behaved for me after that.

I should add that when Emma was in college, she babysat my own kids a couple of times, and did give my eldest son a few swats on his bare bottom when he wouldn’t settle down.

Contributor: Jillian

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