Double whooping at camp

The summer when I was 13 was a great one – I spent nearly every waking hour with my best friend Katie. We mostly hung out at my house or at one of the parks in town.

We avoided Katie’s home mostly because her dad was a bit of a control freak and was strict. I knew Katie got spankings from him when she misbehaved or otherwise made him angry. I was no stranger to corporal punishment myself, from either my own father and more rarely from my stepmother, but it had probably been a year since I earned a warm bottom, as my stepmom called them.

Two weeks before school went back, I was invited on a camping trip with Katie and her parents. I had to bring an adult with me, presumably because Katie’s dad didn’t want to be responsible for me. My own dad was a no go on coming on the trip but my stepmom agreed.

The trip got off to a good start – until late Saturday afternoon when Katie and I got the bright idea to take a canoe out on the water without adult permission or supervision. At least, as Katie’s dad observed, we had the brains to wear life vest.

Nevertheless, he was furious with us and, truth be told, my stepmom was pretty mad too. After Katie’s dad chewed us out he told my stepmom that Katie and I both needed a ‘whooping’. He said hoped she agreed and would give me the same as what Katie was going to have.

I’m sure my stepmom and I both had the horrible thought of how we would explain this to my dad – me for my behaviour and she for lack of supervision. My stepmum asked Katie’s dad precisely what he meant by a ‘whooping’ and he explained he was talking about a spanking with a belt – something I had never had.

My stepmom replied that she needed to talk with me about it first. Katie’s dad sighed at this – he grabbed Katie by the arm and took her off to the bathhouse to be belted.

My stepmom took me back to our tent and sat me down to talk to me. I was naturally nervous – but also knew I couldn’t face Katie again if I myself didn’t get punished.  In the end, my stepmom decided that I would get the same as Katie.

We stood outside the tent for a while, watching Katie’s mom preparing lunch, and eventually saw Katie coming back from the bathhouse with her father.

Katie must have been given a very sore bottom – she had obviously been crying and went right inside her tent without saying a word.

My stepmom told Katie’s dad she didn’t have a belt to use on me. He immediately unbuckled his own, pulled it out and handed it to her. She and I then made the walk to the bathhouse.

The girls’ side consisted of a single stall toilet and a single stall shower. We walked in and I just stared at my stepmom, thinking: “Now what?” 

She instructed me to pull my shorts down and put my hands up on the wall. Standing there in panties and my shorts now around my ankles, I did as told. My stepmom then told me to keep my hands on the wall but take a step back so my bottom was sticking out more.

I did as I was told and waited. I suppose she had to figure out how to best do it, because I waited about 15 seconds before the belt actually hit my butt. It produced a little sting, but wasn’t really that painful. My stepmom applied a second swat, which was much the same. “Does that even hurt?” she asked. Not wanting to lie but also not wanting it to be worse, I replied: “A little.”

The third swat was harder and did hurt more and I let out an ‘ouch’. My stepmom told me it needed to hurt – she would give me 10 more that hard, then we would be done. I began crying after five more, but managed to grit my teeth as she applied a final five swats to my poor behind.

When it was over, my butt stung and burned. My stepmom hugged me really tight and told me she was sorry she had to punish me.

When we returned to the camp Katie was still in her tent, and my stepmom told me I could lay down as well for a while. The rest of the weekend went well – but that is a memory Katie and I still talk about. 

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