Channelling misbehaviour

I previously told you the story about the first time I experienced a ‘proper’ smacked bottom, when I was seven years old. That spanking came as a real shock to me – I can still remember feeling the sting of my mother’s hand, and never wanting to feel it again.

However, as we all know, children are not always able to avoid being naughty, and only two weeks after my first spanking, I earned my second sore bottom.

Mum had taken me and my two younger sisters – Lily, aged four, and Alice, who was six – shopping for the weekly food run. Lily was being silly – she was pinching my arm and laughing. I kept telling her to stop but she kept doing it. Finally, I pinched her back and she cried.

That was enough for Mum – she didn’t tolerate naughtiness in public. She lifted the side of Lily’s dress and slapped her bare leg, and then turned to me and did the same.

We both cried, of course, but then she warned us: “If I hear one more word, or if there is any more fighting, I will take your knickers down and smack your bare bums in front of everyone. Do you understand?” We both nodded vigorously and rubbed the sting on our legs. 

Mum had threatened to smack our bare bottoms lots of times in the past and never done it – but I now knew from personal experience that it was a real possibility.

We were all good girls until we got back Into the car. Once home , mum was putting shopping away and Lily was watching her favourite cartoon in the living room. I went in and turned the TV over to another channel. Lily began crying and told me to put it back on.  I refused and she screamed.

At that, Mum came in to the room and ordered me to turn the TV channel back immediately. I refused, so she began counting to three, warning me that this was my last chance to obey before being sent to bed. The threat of such a punishment made me angry and I threw the remote, which hit Lily hard. 

Mum walked over to me, bent down and said: “I have had enough of this behaviour, so now you are going to get a smacked backside, just like last time.”

“No, mummy, no!” I screamed. “Please – no! I’m really sorry.” Mum took me by the top of my arm and walked me over to the armchair. I then realised she was going to smack me in front of Lily. I was begging her and crying loudly, as I was desperate not to be smacked like before. 

I collapsed to the floor and sat on my bum in the hope Mum would not be able to reach it or might yet change her mind. Instead, she just grabbed the tops of my arms, lifted me up and placed me over one of her legs. 

Mum turned back my dress and landed a really sharp slap to my right bum cheek. The smack made me squeal and I tried to turn over on her lap to evade further punishment. Mum held me tightly and simply waited a while before giving me my second smack. It was administered to exactly the same place as the first, which really made me cry and kick.  

Mum gave me another five smacks across my knickers, and all the while I could see Lily on the sofa with her eyes wide – she had never seen a spanking before. 

Mum’s next move was to pull down my knickers, though I begged her not to smack my bare bottom. She then proceeded to smack my naked backside sharply another six times. 

When she considered I’d had enough, Mum finally pulled my pants back up over my sore bum and lifted me off her lap. My hands went straight back to rub my bum, which was stinging unbearably. 

Mum turned to Lily: “Take notice of that! Next time you’re naughty, I will smack your bottom just like that as well!” Lily put her bottom lip out and look worried. 

I was then ordered upstairs to go to bed until dinner. I ran out of the living room, crying hard.

Once upstairs, I pulled my knickers to one side and turned round to look at my sore bottom, which was red all over. I lay down on my bed, still crying quietly until the soreness subsided. I knew for sure that from now, the consequence of naughtiness was going to be a sore bottom.

Contributor: Elsie

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