Threat becomes reality

One of the most severe spankings I ever got was actually from my brother’s then girlfriend, Helen. At the time I was 12 years old and had a complete girl crush on her.

Helen was dark haired and beautiful. Because of my crush on her, I was always trying to get her attention, and more than once I overstepped the mark in my bid to do so. Then Helen would say to me: “Behave yourself, Claire, or I’ll take you across my knee and spank you until you can’t sit down.”

I found that even hearing her say these words was really sexually exciting for me. At those times, I would take myself off to the attic of our home, where there was an old mattress. I would strip from the waist down and rub my girl parts up against the mattress, until I had a huge orgasm.

On one occasion, my parents had to go away and needed someone to stay with me for a week, someone who could live in. Since my grown-up brother was on night shifts, Helen volunteered to move in for the week to look after me.

It didn’t take long for me to get into trouble. I had a curfew of 9pm, but it was such a hot summer, with long, light evenings, that on several occasions I came home far later than I was allowed.

After a couple of transgressions, Helen took me to one side. “You know full well when you are supposed to be back home. If you are late again, there will be tears before bedtime.” “What do you mean?” I asked. “I mean that I will take you across my knee, bare your bottom and spank you so hard you will never want to disobey me again. Now do you understand?” “Yes, Helen,” I said, pouty but nevertheless excited at hearing her repeat the threat of a spanking.

When it came to my bedtime, I had a bath, used the toilet and climbed into bed. I thought about what Helen had said. I took my pyjama bottoms down and began rubbing my privates against the bed again. I realised I really wanted Helen to spank me – it would be embarrassing but I didn’t think it would hurt that much. As I imagined myself over Helen’s knee, bare bottomed like a naughty toddler, I came heavily and left a wet patch on the bedclothes. I determined that I would deliberately earn myself that spanking tomorrow.

The following night, I stayed out with my friends until almost 10pm. When I returned home, Helen was watching TV in the sitting room but she turned it off as soon as I walked in the room. “You’re late, young lady.” I shrugged. “I was out with my friends, I couldn’t help it.”

“I think you could, and you were told last night what the punishment would be. You need to learn there are consequences for misbehaviour. Go and get the hairbrush from the dresser in my room.” I did as I was told. The brush was easy to find – almost as if she had expected to use it. Perhaps she had. It was an oval paddle shape and made from a light-coloured wood. As I picked up the brush and felt its weight, I began to have second thoughts about how good an idea this actually was, but there was no escaping my punishment now.

I took the hairbrush back to Helen, who took it from me, then gestured me to stand close to where she was sitting. She quickly unbuttoned my shorts, then lowered them carefully to my ankles. She did the same with my panties, causing me to blush at the thought of Helen seeing my privates for the first time.

“Over my knee.” I bent over obediently, in spite of my fear feeling a familiar stirring in my loins. Helen put her left hand firmly in the small of my back. It was clear I was not going anywhere until I had been thoroughly spanked.

Then she brought down the first stroke on my bare behind. It was shockingly painful and I couldn’t help but cry out. Helen said nothing but applied four more strokes of the hairbrush on my bottom, and I began to cry properly. Helen just let me lie there weeping for a minute or two, as I was incapable of speech. Then she asked: “I told you to be in by nine, didn’t I? This spanking will teach you that you need to obey me, Claire. Understand?” “Yes, Helen,” I sobbed through a sea of tears.

I don’t know whether something gave me away – maybe she smelled me back there – but Helen then asked quietly: “You deliberately made yourself late to get this spanking, didn’t you?” Confused and ashamed, I could only nod my head. “Well, that deserves five more, then.”

Before I could protest, Helen’s left hand resumed its vice-like grip on my back and she applied five extra stinging spanks. These ones were really hard – I’m not sure whether it was meant as aversion therapy, or whether she was actually enjoying administering the punishment.

She stood me up. “Pull your shorts and panties back up.” I did so, flinching as my underpants scraped over my newly-spanked bottom. “Now go to your room and get ready for bed.” I did as I was told, got into my pyjamas and lay down on the bed on my tummy, still having a bit of a cry.

Eventually, there was a knock on my door and Helen came in. She put a consoling hand on my back. “Does your bottom hurt bad?” I nodded. “Wait there.” She came back with a jar of cold cream. “Lift up for me a little,” she instructed. I did so and she pulled my pyjama pants down to admire her handiwork. Then she carefully rubbed quite a bit of cold cream into my aching buttocks, ending with a playful dab on my anus.

“Now that we understand each other a little better, are you going to be a good girl for me?” I nodded. “Promise?” “I promise, Helen.” “Good. All forgotten for now – but don’t think I won’t hesitate to tan your bottom again if you need it, all right?” I nodded again.

She kissed me goodnight and left me. When I was sure she had gone back to watching the TV, I lowered my pyjamas again and touched myself. My vagina was incredibly wet. Once again, I turned on to my tummy and began humping the bedclothes, replaying in my head the spanking Helen had given me. I didn’t take long for me to arrive at a thundering orgasm.

Contributor: Claire

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