Spankings on panties

Even though I grew up in Europe at a time when spanking was pretty much on the way out, I still experienced it not only at home, but also in school.

I attended a private Christian school and they had a straightforward way of dealing with misbehaving children. The first time, you were simply told to stop what you were doing. If that didn’t work, you would get corner time during the break.

If all that still didn’t help, it was off to the principal for a smacked bottom for boys, or if you were a girl, you got sent to the vice-principal (his wife) for the same treatment.

I only remember getting sent for a smacking a couple of times but it was always for the same thing – I talked a lot in class.

The class teacher would write a note about you which you had hand in to the secretary. Depending on your sex, she would pass it on to either the principal or vice-principal and you would then wait until you were called inside the appropriate office.

After a certain amount of time, the vice-principal would call me inside. I would be made to stand in front of her desk, where she would scold me and finally announce that the punishment would be a smacked bottom.

If the girl was wearing trousers, they would be lowered and you would then be put over the vice-principal’s knee. If you were wearing a dress, you would be put straight over her knee and the skirt raised.

In both cases, she was left with a pantie-clad bottom to work with. The vice-principal only used her hand but it would hurt a lot, even over underpants. There usually wasn’t a set number of smacks but the punishment would last around a minute and I was always crying a lot by the end.

After your spanking, you were put in the corner until you stopped crying and then sent back to class, where you sat on a very sore bottom for the rest of that day.

The vice-principal, meanwhile, would call your parents and inform them that a spanking had been administered. The result was that you got a second smacking – this time on the bare bottom – when you got home.

Contributor: Sarah

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