At bottom

A short extract from Nancy Friday’s book My Secret Garden. Correspondent Barbara reveals how exposure to corporal punishment in her formative years gave her a taste for the cane.

I must tell you that whenever I have sex with a man, all the time I am pretending to myself that I am wearing long knickers, bending over in the headmistress’s study and getting soundly caned on my bottom. I can only think of two possible causes of my fantasies.

The first happened when I was about six or seven. I had an elder sister who was then about 14 and for probably a series of misdemeanours, my stepmother said she would cane her. My sister was ordered out of her frock, in front of me, and then stepmother pushed her over the settee arm.

My sister Jean was wearing the usual school directoire knickers at the time, much longer than those worn today of course, and with her bottom in the air and her feet off the ground, the knickers tightened around her buttocks.

Stepmother then started to smack my sister’s bottom with the cane, and I don’t suppose it was a terrible thrashing, but it was stinging enough to make Jean yell out at every stroke of the cane.

The second incident happened when I was 15, and getting to know a few things about sex. There was a boy next door aged about 17, and I used to get him to help me with my school homework. We used to cuddle and kiss. One night, he said that I was so bad at maths that what I needed was a good spanking,

He then pushed me face downward across his lap. After making a pretend resistance and wriggling, I had my gym frock well above my waist, and I knew he could see my knickers from waist to leg. Moreover, I also knew that this had given him an erection, which I could feel.

So he spanked me, good and hard, but I still enjoyed it. After that, almost each night I went to see him it ended up in me first getting spanked, and then he turned me round in the armchair and got on top of me, and we both masturbated.

Later, I asked him what it was like at his school when naughty boys got the cane. It was a loaded question, and it brought the answer I wanted. He said he would give me a demonstration, and when he told me that ‘tonight was the night’, before going in to see him I put on some very thrilling white knickers, long in the leg, and with fancy pink lace at the leg ends.

His parents were out, and having the place to ourselves, we lost no time in the caning demonstration. He showed me how to bend over the end of the settee with my arms stretched forward, and in that position I felt my knickers tighten up round my legs and thighs. I’d slipped out of my short frock beforehand, and we’d kissed and hugged, so that already he had a big erection.

Then for the first time I got the cane on my knickers. He gave me four terrific swipes, and they certainly made me wince and yell. When he’d finished, I took hold of the cane and told him that it was his turn for punishment. I found that I was terribly thrilled on seeing his trousers tight round his bottom as he bent over, and I gave him a severe caning, enjoying the feel of the cane in my hands.

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