Petticoat pettiness

I grew up in the late 50s and early 60s, when girls always wore skirts and dresses, and lots of crinolines.

One time, my sister took one of my favourite light pink petticoats and wore it to school. When she came home I noticed it peeking out from underneath her hemline.

I grabbed her skirt and lifted it up to confirm that the petticoat was mine. I got really mad and wanted it back.

I started to yell at my sister and our mother came into the room to see what the matter was. I explained that my sister had taken my favourite petticoat. My mother asked my sister if this was true – she lied and said that it was hers.

At that point, Mother got very upset with both of us – me for not being a good sharer and my sister for lying to her.

Mother took me by the hand and sat down on a kitchen chair. She lifted up my skirt and petticoats, pulled down my panties, and spanked my bare bottom around 15 to 20 times. I cried, of course, and after the punishment was over, I was sent to stand in the corner.

Next, my sister was taken over Mother’s knee in the same manner. I saw my pink petticoat lifted up high on to her back, and she too was soundly spanked for being a naughty, lying little girl.

Contributor: Linda

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