The Cat

My mother was not a pet lover, and my brother Jeff and I wanted a pet so badly that we would have done just about anything. Each time we talked about it, mother would say: “No, we have discussed this and there will be no animals in this house. That’s the end of it!”

So Jeff and I would try to content ourselves looking at animals in the pet store windows when we could get to one, or reading magazines that had pictures of animals. Between us, we decided that should we be able to have one, it would be a soft kitty. We thought we’d have a better chance with a cat, because dogs made a mess, and were loud and active.

One day, when we were eight and seven respectively, Jeff and I were outside in the gardens playing croquet. I was winning and he was losing interest. We were completing a round, so that we could put the game away in the garden house, when a lovely little cat came around the corner.

Jeff and I dropped to the ground right away and began to call to her (we decided that it was a her for some reason). She came right to us, tail up and softly crying her greeting to us. We were totally enchanted!

“Jeff, go get some food,” I cried. “No, you get it. I don’t know what to get.” “OK, but don’t scare her away.” I ran to the back of the house and entered the kitchen door. Cook was in there, but I asked for a glass of milk, and she gladly gave it to me.

Back I flew, and the cat was still with Jeff. I went into the garden house and found a saucer used to put under plants. I rinsed it under the hose, and then poured the milk into it. The cat was very hungry. She drank up almost all of it.

We decided to smuggle the cat inside. Jeff’s window of the nursery wing was over a porch roof. I told Jeff to go upstairs and open his window and go out on the roof. He did this. In the meantime, I put a porch table near the edge and climbed up with the cat.

“Jeff, are you there?” “Yes, I’ll get her.” I lifted the cat up, and Jeff reached down. He was lying on his stomach. It was easy, for this part of the roof extended down quite a way. I moved the table back and ran upstairs to the nursery. Jeff was in his room with the cat, who was really happy on his bed. We lay together trying to figure out how to conceal her. We also had to figure out a name. The cat fell asleep.

Nanny came in, and we panicked. We prayed that the cat would be still, and we gently put Jeff’s spread over her to conceal her. “Hello, you two. Game over?” nanny said brightly, as she put Jeff’s laundry away. We made small talk, and nanny left again. “That was close, Jeff. We are going to have to be careful.”

It was tea time, and Jeff and I had to go. We left the cat sleeping, knowing that nanny would be at tea with us. All through tea we could hardly wait to get back upstairs. We took some little chicken sandwiches with us in a napkin ‘for later’. That was not usually permitted but for some reason no-one said anything.

Back we went, and the cat was glad to see us. Tail up and rubbing against us, she happily devoured the sandwiches. Jeff and I were fascinated as we watched her eating.

At bath time, after supper, we put the cat back out on the porch roof. We told nanny that we were too tired to have a story tonight and just wanted to go to bed. She was surprised but she agreed and tucked us both in with a kiss.

As soon as she was gone I let the cat back in. Jeff wanted to sleep with her, but as the eldest I told him that I would be first, and then he would have her the next night. He seemed fine about that. (Big sisters are a pain!) The cat curled up down under my covers near my feet, and we both went to sleep.

In the morning, I got up before nanny could come in, and opening the window, put the cat out on the roof. Nanny entered and mentioned how nice it was to see me up and ready for the day. She got my school clothes out and helped me dress. Then she woke Jeff and dressed him.

We went down for breakfast. Before leaving for school I went back and let the cat back into the room, for I was afraid that she would escape somehow left alone all day. Off we went, totally forgetting that the maid would be going in to make our beds.

Apparently, while we were gone, the cat had to go to the bathroom. She made a terrible mess in my bed – it must have been the chicken sandwiches.

When I got home from school, the maid said: “Your mother wants to see you right away in the drawing room.” I knew that nanny had this day off, so I thought it was to discuss our plans for the rest of the day.

She had plans all right. Jeff and I went directly to the drawing room after hanging up our coats. Mother was there, with a really angry look on her face. “Let’s talk about the cat, you two.” Oh no! She had found her.

“Your cat made the most awful mess that I have ever seen. The maid nearly quit. I had to get the gardener to help take your bedding outside to hose it down. I don’t think we’ll be able to get that lovely spread clean!”

Jeff and I were frozen. “You will both get the spanking of your life for this. There is nothing more I have to say to such disobedient children.”

Mother took me first. She reached down and pulled my long stockings down to my ankles, then my panties, which she took right off me. I was already crying.

She pulled me over her lap and pushed my head down as low as she could. I put both hands on the rung of the chair to keep from falling on my head. Mother raised my plaid dress skirt up to my neck and then the petticoat. I was lying there bare, right in front of Jeff. Jeff and I had been bathed together often, so we had seen each other, but somehow this was different.

Mother began to spank me very hard. The spanks were not gentle at first at all. It was obvious that she had been lying in wait for me ever since the disaster of the morning. Spank, spank, spank, they struck my bottom – all over it. I wiggled around to avoid the spanks, but I was no good at that at all. She had me pinned down totally. Mother spanked my upper legs as well and the side of my thighs – I don’t think she missed anywhere at all.

The spanking went on forever. I thought I was going to die right there. My bottom was on fire. Never had mother spanked me like this. Then, with no warning or a single thing said, she lifted me up and put my panties back on me. Up came the white stockings, and she smoothed down my dress. I was told to stand in the corner.

Then mother took Jeff. I peeked, and saw her unbuttoning his pants. Jeff was crying his eyes out. She pulled down his pants and underpants, then placed him over her lap. She lit into his bare bottom as well, but I don’t think it was as hard. Either she was tired after spanking me so hard and long, or she figured that I had been the ringleader (as usual), and Jeff was simply following my lead.

Jeff was absolutely howling – one would have thought he was being killed. His little bottom was all red when she finished. Jeff had to stand in the corner too.

We never got our cat again. We never saw her, and no-one told us what they did with her. We never dared to ask. I got a parakeet when I was 14. That was seen as acceptable, and I kept the cage very clean.

Today, we have a house full of animals, and Jeff has as well. He lives in northern New England and has an antique farm with all sorts of animals. Sometimes we have to become grown-ups to play out our heart’s desires.

Contributor: Gigi

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