Mum’s methods

I wanted to share this account of a spanking that I had when I was about 11, I think. Regular spankings, or ‘smacked bottoms’, were given by my mother, usually in my bedroom, with me lying across the bed, feet on the floor.

On this occasion, however, Mum decided to punish me while I was still in the bathroom. I’d had a bath, but hadn’t got my pyjamas on, when she came in. I’d already been told I was going to be spanked, but thought it would be in my room as usual. I was told to bend over and hold the basin taps, then Mum started to smack me hard, again and again, on my bare bottom.

Halfway through, she dipped her hand in the bath water – for some reason this made the rest of the slaps sting much more. Then it was into my bedroom.

“I haven’t finished with you yet,” she said, and I had to go over the bed for a further spanking before being allowed to put my pyjamas on and get under the covers.

I think it must have been after this spanking that I had a really impressive set of bruises on my backside – I remember the comments these provoked in the school swimming pool changing room the next day!

Contributor: Michael

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