The railway

My dad’s sister had two daughters, one six months older than me and the other three years older.

The younger girl, Carol, and I were like peas in a pod – she was a real tomboy and between us, we terrorised the neighbourhood.

We would take turns going to visit and stay at each other’s homes during the summer break as we lived around 100 miles apart. I was just turning 13 when I went to stay for the week.

It was a warm summer, although mixed with some rain. We had the chance to play in the back garden and on this one particular sunny day, we had changed into our swimming costumes and playing with the garden hose, running around and soaking everything in sight, including ourselves.

We played a game with a frisbee – one held the hose while the other threw the frisbee at them. The idea was to deflect it with the water. Like all games, things got a little out of hand and eventually the frisbee ended up going over a fence at the bottom of the garden and on to the neighbouring railway line.

Now, we were absolutely forbidden to go on the railway as it was not only a busy line but also electrified, with a live third rail. For a while, we stood looking at the frisbee and debating what do to about it. Then the ‘I dare you’ aspect came into it. Carol dared me to get the frisbee.

Checking the coast was clear, I climbed over the fence in the corner of the garden (where I was out of view of the house), scrambled down the railway embankment and retrieved the frisbee. Carol followed my lead, sliding down after me.

We climbed back up the embankment and I had just started to scale the garden fence when my aunt appeared from around the garage and caught us red-handed. As we climbed back over the fence, we both knew we were in big trouble.

We were ordered back into the house, closely followed by my very angry aunt, ranting on about how we could have been killed wearing wet bathing costumes near electric rails etc.

Carol obviously knew she was going to get a spanking – she began to plead with her mum not to do it now but wait until I returned home later that week.

Once inside, the lecture continued. My aunt told me my parents had entrusted me into her keeping and had given her permission to punish me in any way she saw fit if I stepped out of line.

We stood there, with our heads hung down and our bathing costumes still dripping wet. My aunt disappeared for a moment – only to re-appear with a wooden hairbrush. I didn’t know quite what to expect but Carol started to plead as soon as she saw that hairbrush – to no avail.

My aunt then asked us who was going first. I thought that was kind of a a stupid question but I said I would. Because I was still wet, my aunt told me to bend over the back of the sofa, which I did.

Wow! She really blistered my bum. I was allowed the protection of my swimming costume but I swear it didn’t make any difference – each swat made me cry out. I was in agony and still it seemed to go on until finally, crying and holding my red hot bum, I was told to stand.

Carol was then ordered over the sofa. Her bikini bottom had ridden up into the crack of her bum – she tried to pull the material down again but her mum gave her a sharp whack and told her to leave them as they were.

The first whack seemed to echo around the room and an oval red blotch appeared on Carol’s bare cheek; then the second, third and so they fell. My cousin’s bottom looked like it had been scalded and a dark, red bruise began to appear on her uncovered cheek where the first whack had landed.

Carol’s punishment continued until her mum finally said: “Right, you two – get upstairs and change into some decent clothes. I don’t want to hear a peep from you for the rest of the day.”

In the bathroom, I checked out the state of my own bottom and boy, was it red! My bum sported two round bruises on each cheek. They were hot and sore. I tried to cool them down with a flannel while thinking about what I had just witnessed and suffered.

Surprisingly, I also found that I was aroused by the whole experience. It’s a good job my aunt didn’t know about that!

Contributor: Colin

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