Spanked by Samantha

This is a story of one of the few spankings I actually received as a kids. I was about 14, almost 15, at the time – this being only five years ago since I’m 20 now.

I was at the house of my mom’s friend Samantha at the time. I was visiting with my sister and my mother had an emergency and had to be gone for a few hours, so me and my sister hung around at Samantha’s house so we wouldn’t be bored home alone.

It was a stressful time for Samantha since she was responsible for her three small children and me and my sister. She seemed to be in a bad mood and wasn’t taking any misbehaviour from anyone. I was acting as if she wouldn’t do anything if I misbehaved, me being the oldest and everything – boy, was I wrong.

My sister was 10 so we fought often. She was annoying me so I yelled at her and cussed at her out of frustration. Samantha didn’t enjoy it one bit being heard by her and her kids. She then yelled at me and I said ‘f*** you’, which was a big mistake. She then told me she wasn’t taking any of this from me and to go up in her room away from everyone and sit on the bed. So there I went, not at all expecting what was going to happen next.

Samantha then came up to her room about 25 minutes later and started a talk with me. She explained in a very angry tone how she didn’t appreciate people using profanity around her, especially in her house and around her kids. She was saying how I was not a man; I was only a 14-year-old boy and under adult rules.

Then she told me to stand up facing the side of the bed so I did so, fearing more humiliation and anger from her. She then said “This will show how much of a young boy you are, under my rules.”

She then took her sock off, stuck it in my mouth and told me to keep it there until I was told to take it out. Then she wrapped her arms around my waist, unzipped my pants and pulled down my pants and underwear and told me to step out of them. Then she told me to bend over the bed and spread my legs a couple feet apart.

Me being naked from the waist down, and bent over the bed with a dirty sock in my mouth, really made me feel how disciplined I needed to be and how much of a boy I was. Samantha then proceeded to spank my butt and inner and outer thighs with a brush. It stung really bad and she was doing it really hard and I started to get teary eyed, just wishing for it to end.

After about five long painful minutes, it was over and my butt was as red as the covers on her bed. With the sock still in my mouth, Samantha told me to lie on the bed as I was and wait for my mom to come home so I could leave.

Lying there made me realise that I needed to not use profanity to anyone and treat adults with respect. So whenever I visiting Samantha, I made sure I was a good boy, and not a good man.

Contributor: Sean

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