Grade school memories

I was spanked numerous times as a youth. My earliest recollection is when I was in the first grade. I was sent to Mrs Helen O’Gara, the school principal, for causing some disturbance in the classroom.

After a lecture, she sent me to ask the supervisor for the paddle. I later learned that she had several paddles in her office, but that she liked to use this method to humiliate kids. It worked, since I was in tears when I asked the supervisor for the paddle.

After returning the paddle to Mrs O’Gara, she sent me to the boys’ bathroom to wait on her. Years later, I learned this was another way to humble me, since she always waited until after my class had a bathroom break until she would attend to me.

The other boys would figure out why I could not leave the bathroom and kid me about it and I would feel even weaker in the knees, dreading what I knew was coming.

When she finally came to the bathroom to give me my licks, she would always give me another lecture about since I had acted like a bad boy, I would be treated as a bad boy. The paddle she used on me in the early grades was a stiff paint stirrer, not at all like the lightweight ones found today.

She would tell me to bend over and lay on about 10 licks, which burned my young bottom and caused fresh tears. I was then sent back to my class, where I got knowing looks from the girls and wisecracks from the boys.

I got these types of paddling several times a year from the first through to the fourth grade. Sometimes, when the principal was finished with me, she would take me back to her office, where my mother would be waiting to take me home for another session. My mother was a firm believer in giving you at home what you got at school.

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