The toilets

When I was growing up, my family always took camping trips. I remember one in particular. As a child, I always enjoyed having an aunt or neighbour lady see me naked – or at least see my bare bottom.

If we had company and the situation was right, somehow I exposed myself. My mother often scolded me about being more discreet.

We were camping in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan at a State Park. There was two swimming areas, one by the campground and another by the picnic area. It was after dinner and I was playing on the swings at the picnic area when I realised I had to use the bathroom. Since it was late, there wasn’t anyone around. I went into the bathroom and did a pee.

As I was walking out of the bathroom, I saw a car pull up. A lady and her daughter got out – the daughter looked like a teenager. I quickly thought I would be fun to let them see me with my pants down. So I walked back into the bathroom and took down my shorts and underpants. I heard them approach and I came out of the bathroom and yelled ‘hey!’

I then ran back into the bathroom and pulled up my shorts. I thought I would wait till they left the go back to the campground. A few minutes later, I heard the lady say: “Hello? Is there anyone in the men’s restroom?”

Then I panicked. She then said: “Little boy, I know you’re in there – come out right now!” I froze, not knowing what to do. Again, she said: “Little boy, come out of there right now!” A few seconds later, she repeated herself but this time told me that if I didn’t come out, she would send her daughter for a park ranger.

I didn’t want that to happen so I slowly walked out of the restroom with my head down. The lady and her daughter were standing by the door and as soon as I walked out she grabbed me by the arm. She asked me if I thought I was funny and why I did it. I told her I didn’t know.

The lady said: “Maybe we can go to the park ranger and go find your parents?” I started to cry and said I was sorry: “Please, don’t do that.” She then told me I could either drop my pants or we would go looking for my parents. I asked why she wanted me to pull my pants down. She said it didn’t bother me before, and to make up my mind. The whole time her daughter stood there with a grin on her face.

I slowly pulled my pants down. The lady told me to drop my underpants also. When I had both down to my knees she quickly turned me away from her and proceed to spank my bottom with her bare hand.

I was shocked but I didn’t yell, not wanting to draw any more attention to the situation. When she had finished she told me I was lucky that I wasn’t her son or the spanking would have been far more severe. She and her daughter then turned and walked away, leaving me to scramble and get my pants back up.

That was the first and last time that I pulled that stunt.

Contributor: Bob

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