Poor wandering one

My parents never spanked me until I was three years old, and what a memorable spanking that was! After that, there was no more babying for me: I was spanked – and spanked thoroughly – for every misdeed.

Don’t get me wrong; my parents weren’t spankaholics, we always got warned first, and we never got a spanking we didn’t deserve – which brings me to one day when I think I deserved a spanking even worse than the one I got.

I was about four years old then and attending a nursery school about three miles from our home. One day, my mother, ever busy with five children, was about five minutes late picking me up in the afternoon. Since she wasn’t there when I got out, I decided that I had better walk home.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, I had no idea which way to go. I wandered around for a little while, into a neighbourhood that was a few blocks away from my nursery school. I wasn’t too scared yet – these people had houses a lot like mine, so I reasoned that I must be very close! Wouldn’t Mommy be proud of what a big girl I was?

I kept wandering around and could not find my house. It must have been about two hours later when a friend of my mother’s saw me wander past her front window and promptly brought me into the house to call my mom.

Five minutes later Mom was there, and she had been crying. It was evident from the streaks on her face and her red eyes. I went looking for a hug and got a big one. She kissed me all over my face and thanked her friend profusely for rescuing me.

As we left the house and went down the walkway, she put me down and glared into my face. “Do you know how much you scared Mommy? You could have gotten hurt! What were you doing? You know not to leave the school by yourself!”

She held me to her, and planted four hard, rapid spanks to my bottom. Even though it was through my dress, I burst into tears. She spanked me all the way to the car and as we were going home, she said: “I hope you’re ready for a sore bottom because you are going to get the spanking of your life!

“I can’t believe you would do that, Trisha! You are a naughty, naughty girl and you will have a severe spanking. And Daddy’s coming home tonight, and I’m going to tell him to spank you too!”

I was crying uncontrollably by then – there was nothing worse than a spanking. When we got home, she carried me very quickly up the stairs to my bedroom, sending my older sisters into the living room. As if she couldn’t wait, she set me down and slapped my legs a few times before dragging the chair out from the desk and pulling me very harshly to her.

She pulled down my panties and before I knew it, I was over her knees and being spanked very fast and hard. I had never had a spanking hurt that much. I howled as she hit my bottom.

“Don’t you ever (spank) ever (spank) leave that school again without an adult! (spank spank spank)”

When she had spanked me probably about 30 times, she stood me up and told me to wait right there. She came back with a ping pong paddle that she had never used on me before, although I knew that Mary and Elizabeth got ‘the paddle’ when they were really bad.

Over her knees I went again. My dress went back up and she applied that awful paddle to my tiny, red bottom. I got about 10 spanks with the paddle, then I was told that I had to stay in my room until Daddy got home.

When he did, I got another spanking. He was still in his military uniform as he came up the stairs, a stern and angry expression on his face. He didn’t lecture me, besides to remind me why I was getting a spanking. Pulling down my panties, he bent me over my bed and spanked me, concentrating on the backs of my legs. Once again I was in pain, howling and kicking my legs.

I never walked anywhere alone for a really long time after that memorable day!

Contributor: Trisha

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