A gamble backfires

I was spanked throughout my young life by my mother. I grew up just at the time when most parents still spanked their kids, but more and more were leaning towards some other form of punishment.

Although I must say that I never enjoyed any spanking from my mother, I had always been fascinated by spanking in general ever since a female teacher took me over her knee during recess when I was in second grade. That spanking didn’t make me cry, but it did fuel my imagination for many years thereafter. I always dreamed of being spanked on my bare bottom by her – but that never happened.

I had only had one bare bottom spanking while growing up and I was so young at the time that I don’t remember any of it, except through stories about the incident.

The last spanking I ever received from my mother came when I was about 13 years old. It wasn’t my last spanking entirely, but it was the last from her.

Like I said, I had always been interested in spanking and it gave me great pleasure to see someone else getting whacked. Sometime between 12 and 13, spanking moved from being interesting in a non-sexual way to being a little more charged. I still hadn’t hit my adolescent changes by the time of my last spanking, but I knew enough to know that spankings were exciting in other ways than just mere ‘amusement’.

Because of my rather perverted desires in seeing someone else getting a spanking, I went out of my way at times to get other kids into trouble.

I can’t remember what day it was, but it was in the evening and my mother was hosting a card party. I believe they were playing ‘500’ – but I wasn’t interested in the game.

The other parents had, of course, brought their children along and I was elected to be the watcher of the group. Not too hard a job, really. I had a lot of toys from childhood and most played with those.

There were no other children my age that night. The oldest, besides me, was a girl of 11. I knew her mother paddled her often enough and I had even witnessed one of those. Her mother was a little stricter than mine. Her mother spanked bare butt while my mother never did. The only bare bottom spanking I had been given was by a friend of my mother’s and, as I said, I was too young to remember it.

So my basic plan of the night was to get this girl in trouble in order to see her get her bare bottom spanked. It wasn’t hard, really. What I hadn’t counted on was that my mother would see what I was doing. Just as the girl’s mother grabbed the girl by the arm to deliver a really good spanking, my mother stopped the proceedings.

My mother told the girl’s mom that I was the one who had goaded her daughter into swearing. Then it was my turn to be on the receiving end of a glare. I was questioned by my mother as to why I had done such a thing. Of course, my obvious attempts at pleading innocence and then ignorance didn’t work all that well.

Then my mother got to the meat of the problem – she directly asked me if I did it just to see the girl spanked. I tried edging around that question but my mother was having none of it. I guess I had done that one too many times to my younger brother and my mother was familiar with my little tricks. She finally got it out of me that getting the girl spanked was indeed my intention.

What my mother did next shocked me. She asked the girl’s mother what would have happened if she hadn’t been stopped.

The girl’s mother, of course, said that her daughter would have been getting her bare bottom blistered right there in front of everybody. My mother replied that she thought that was a fitting punishment.

My mother went into the bathroom for a hairbrush and I had to stand there with everyone’s eyes on me. They knew what was going to happen next and there was no shortage of chuckles. My face was completely red.

My mother came back into the dining room and yanked me around to the front of her once she had taken her place in her chair. My pants were dropped and soon my bare butt was facing the assembled card players. My mother yelled at me for a bit, then decided to end it by placing me across her lap.

There I was, 13 years old and having my butt bared for the first time that I could remember. It was also the first time she had ever spanked me in front of anybody.

And, for the kicker, it was the first time she had ever used a hairbrush on me. She had always used one of those toy paddleball paddles on me when I was growing up but I suppose she thought something harsher was needed for this. It was the most humiliating thing I’ve ever endured.

The spanking was very hard and it didn’t take long to bring me to tears. The combination of the humiliation and the pain of the spanking soon had me bawling and kicking like a baby as she painstakingly turned my bottom from pale pink to deep red. She was very thorough and completely covered every square inch of my bare butt.

When she was finished, she stood me up, faced me towards everyone and made me apologise. Then she sent me straight to bed.

I hated that spanking more than anything – but later that evening, I got up long enough to look at my bottom in the mirror and then went to sleep fantasising about the girl’s mother doing that to me instead of my own mother.

Contributor: Thomas

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