Wet pants at the zoo

I was around five or six years old when this happened – I was staying with my grandmother for the weekend because my parents were celebrating their wedding anniversary.

As child, I wet the bed until I was about 12 years old and wore diapers at night – I sometimes had daytime accidents, too.

While I was staying with her, grandmother took me to the zoo. While we looked at all the animals, she asked me over and over again if needed to use the restroom. Each time she asked, I answered ‘no’.

Just before lunch, we went to watch the sea lions show – but by the time it was over, my pants were wet!

My grandmother was mad that I had wet myself, especially after I had insisted that I didn’t need the toilet. She took me now to the restroom to clean me up – and put on not just clean underpants, but also a diaper. While she was doing so, and I stood naked from my waist down, she gave me three hard smacks on my bare bottom, which made me cry. Then we went for lunch.

We went home a couple of hours later, and on the way home, grandmother told me that I was going to be given a proper spanking – both for wetting my pants and for lying that I didn’t need the toilet.

Sure enough, as soon as we were home, she took me to my room, bared my bottom and put me over her knee. Then I was spanked – I think I got double my age in the number of smacks.

Finally, grandmother diapered me again and put me down for a nap. I was made to wear diapers for the rest of the weekend.

Contributor: John

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