His mom does spank!

When I was about eight years old, my best friend Johnny and I did everything with each other – shoot baskets in the driveway, play catch in the backyard and ride our bikes until the rubber came off the wheels.

We also got in trouble together, for typical mischief. Usually, when, that happened our parents grounded us for a couple of days. Sometimes, in my case and depending on the offence, I was also pulled over my mother’s knee for a bare bottom spanking.

According to Johnny, he never got spanked. However, one day late in the summer, I found out he was lying.

It happened when I spending a couple of days at Johnny’s house while my parents went on a second honeymoon. One night, during dinner, his mother told us we would have to go with her to his oldest sister’s softball game. We begged and pleaded to stay home but of course, she said no. Once we got to the ball park, we acted like total brats. We ran around disturbing people, screaming at the top of our lungs and acting like complete jerks.

But what got us into real trouble was when we were gone too long to the snack bar. Although we really did go to get ice cream, we also went to the pond that was located at the park.

We had been warned not to go over there but Johnny and I wanted to skip rocks. His mother got worried and finally tracked us down. Although she remained calm, she I could tell by her silence she was furious.

When we got into the car after the game, she informed us we would have to be spanked when we got home. I just kind of glared at Johnny.

The rest of the way home, Johnny’s mother made small talk with his teenage sister and nothing further about the spankings was mentioned. However, she didn’t change her mind. When we got back home, she told us to go straight to the den. I was a little bit surprised – I thought she would at least spank us in Johnny’s bedroom, but no such luck.

Johnny’s mother told me that since I was a guest in her house and she was responsible for me, I would have to get spanked just like her son.

I was very embarrassed. Johnny’s sister was in the den and turned on the television. Although she wasn’t staring at us, she was nevertheless allowed to stay in the room. Johnny told me later she had witnessed a lot of his spankings, since they were always given in the den.

His mother then pulled out a chair from the living room desk. Johnny must have known the routine by heart, because he walked straight over to her without being told.

In one motion, she pulled him over her lap. Then, with ease, she pulled down his pants and underwear. After laying eight to 10 good hand licks on his bare bottom, she stopped.

Then it was my turn. I was embarrassed about being naked in front of his mom, but she told me: “I’ve seen lots of little boys’ bare bottoms before” – which was probably true, since she used to work in a children’s hospital as a nurse. I gave in with little struggle and also got my backside tanned.

After the spankings, we were told to go shower and then come back and say goodnight. What a shock it was when we returned downstairs – Johnny’s mom greeted us each with a hug and an ice cream soda!

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