Warm memories

I have some fond memories of being spanked during my childhood in the 80s. I was generally a good kid and got along with my parents but there were occasions when I misbehaved enough to be given a spanking. My Mother always gave me the spankings, up to the age of about 13, and they were always administered on my bare bottom but in a fair and loving way.

What I remember most about the way my mother spanked me, when I was say 12-13 years old, was that she would begin by asking me to remove my trousers and underpants, then position myself over her lap.

She would then give me a ‘warm up’ of about 20 moderate hand slaps to my bare bottom. Next, she would spank me a bit harder – sometimes with her hand but usually with a clothes brush – for about 40 times for the ‘main’ spanking, alternating one bottom cheek with the other. This would give me an increasing but even soreness across my bottom.

I found that after about 20 or so brush spanks, the remaining smacks weren’t as painful – probably because my bottom was used to the level of pain by then.

When Mum had finished the ‘main’ part of the spanking, she would calmly lecture me on what I had done wrong and made me promise to try harder at behaving, while at the same time ‘finishing off’ my punishment by covering my entire bottom with around 20 or so not-so-hard hand smacks. After this she would smooth her hand over my sore bottom cheeks, then hug and comfort me.

I never really thought the spankings were unjustified (although maybe when I was very young I may have!) and actually sometimes preferred them to other punishments, not only because they made me have a clearer conscience and feel less guilty, but because I also felt closer to Mum afterwards.

The reason why Mum always spanked me bare instead of over my underpants was so that she could monitor the redness of my bottom, making sure she caused no undue injuries, and also so that I could sufficiently feel each smack.

I never had any problems with baring my bottom to my Mum for a spanking as this felt the ‘natural’ way to be spanked, plus she was careful not to see my genitals as she was only interested in seeing the flesh from behind she was about to chastise!

If I felt really bad or guilty about my misbehaviour, I would stick my bottom out further once I positioned myself over Mum’s lap, in order to make my bare buttocks sting more with each smack and make them easier to spank. This way I felt better within myself afterwards – despite a sorer, redder bottom!

Anyway, it wasn’t all that long before I could sit down reasonably comfortably after a spanking. One thing is for sure, though, I just loved to take a look at my sore and red bottom in the mirror afterwards!

Contributor: David

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