Paddling Tammy

It was a rainy day and I was playing ping-pong with a couple of neighbourhood girls, Tammy and Aleisha. We were all about 13 at the time.

Tammy had found a bottle of whisky and wanted to experiment with drinking – we all took turns sipping from the bottle. Tammy was pretty good at ping pong, as she would usually win when she played the neighbourhood kids.

I sat on the sofa, as we decided the girls would play first and I would play the winner. Tammy had a short dress on (this was 1971) while Aleisha wore shorts and a blouse. I positioned myself on the sofa so I could get some glimpses of Tammy’s panties as she played.

Tammy and Aleisha were competitive. Tammy challenged Aleisha to a ‘two out of three’ – the bet was a dollar and the loser would get 25 paddles on the bare bottom.

I couldn’t believe my ears – it was apparent that the effects of the alcohol were getting to Tammy. I was secretly fascinated and gave both girls some more whisky, as Aleisha’s parents would not be home for another two hours.

Tammy won the first game (although it was close) and she started to taunt Aleisha, saying: “Get ready to lose – you’re in for a good paddling, girl!” The second game was also close – this time, Aleisha managed to win and tie the series up.

In the third game, Tammy had a four-point lead but Aleisha managed to come back and tie the game. Aleisha then offered Tammy the chance to call the bet off. But she refused, saying: “We have a bet – I am not backing out.”

Then, Aleisha scored the next two shots to win the tiebreaker.

Tammy looked bewildered as Aleisha celebrated. She tried to back out of her ordeal but neither Aleisha or myself would let her. Aleisha, now acting as the disciplinarian, told Tammy to lift her dress and bend over. She reluctantly lifted her skirt and bent over the ping pong table, exposing her panties. Aleisha then pulled both sides of Tammy’s panties, letting them fall to her ankles.

Tammy’s buttocks and thighs were now completely exposed and I was enjoying the view – I had never seen a girl half naked. Aleisha then paddled her a few times with the paddle, ignoring the girl’s childish complaints.

Tammy’s dress kept falling down and much to my amazement, Aleisha decided that the dress should come off. She unzipped the clasp and let it fall to the floor. Aleisha then continued giving her the spanking.

We were treated to an exciting show of fanny-wiggling and foot-hopping. I really do believe that Aleisha enjoyed herself as much as I did. Upon completion of the spanking, Tammy rubbed her red cheeks, not bothering to cover up. Aleisha grabbed Tammy’s dress and underwear and threw them across the floor – and then Tammy scurried across the room and got dressed.

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