My aunt’s slipper

When I was 14, my mother, my sister and I visited my Aunt Karen in Chicago for Spring Break. I was excited to see my aunt since she was pretty and a fun person to be around.

Things went well for the first couple days. Then my grandpa decided to come over to Chicago from Massachusetts, so my mom and my sister went to to pick him up from the airport, leaving me and my aunt alone for about two hours.

After about a half hour alone together, we were having a good conversation when my aunt asked me about my grades in school – which were bad. From what I remember I think it was one F, one D and the rest Cs.

She was disappointed and started getting an attitude about it. She then said to me: “Sean, school is extremely important, don’t be stupid!” I yelled back: “Karen, shut up – you’re not my mother!”

“What did you say to me?” I repeated what I had said and she yelled at me, telling me I was in her house and that she was going to punish me. I thought she was just going to tell my mother and have her deal with it, which I knew would be worse.

She then gave me the choice – to have my mother punish me, or her do it herself and not tell my mother. I told her that she could punish me. She replied: “OK then, go to my room and I will be there in a minute.”

I waited, and finally she walked in with her pink slipper. She told me she was going to give me a hard spanking. This excited me – a 14-year-old boy about to get spanked by my pretty aunt. I hadn’t really been spanked before that, as far as I can remember.

Aunt Karen sat on the bed and told me to come to her. She then told me she was doing this because she loved me and wanted to teach me a lesson. She had no kids, so she wasn’t very experienced, but she told me she was going to spank me the way her mother did her and my mom.

She then started unsnapping my pants and pulled them down, then told me to step out of them. Next, she pulled down my boxers and again told me to step out. My aunt hadn’t really seen me naked since I was a baby, but I didn’t mind because I knew it was just between me and her.

She then told me not to move until she said so – if I squirmed, I would get more spanks. Aunt Karen said that if I was crying when the spanking was supposed to be over, she would continue smacking until I got five spanks without a sound coming out of my mouth.

Then my aunt placed me across the bed, pulled my shirt up to my neck and placed my hands laid out. Then it started, hard hits with her slipper, again and again. After about 15, I started squirming, and she told me I was getting five more. So then I stopped and managed to not squirm for about 15 more. Then I started whimpering, and I only had five more to go! After about 45, I stopped crying and it was over.

Aunt Karen stood me up and gave me a nice long hug for about a minute, telling me why she had spanked me, and that she loved me. I said I loved her too and thanked her for spanking me. Then she took off my shirt and put my boxers on, and put my pants and shirt in the laundry. I was asleep when my mom came home. As she promised, my aunt didn’t mention anything about spanking me, just telling my mother that I was down for a nice nap.

Contributor: Sean

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