Siblings spanked

Looking back at my childhood, I sometimes wonder how I was ever able to sit down. I guess it’s because my mother had the patience of Job. If she hadn’t, my sister and I would have spent our entire childhoods with red and warm bottoms. She only spanked when other methods of punishment failed to work.

Still, there was one particular day, back in the early 1970s, when it became very clear that both sister and I were headed for a bare-bottomed trip over mother’s knee. What put us in that embarrassing position was our actions during a day out with her.

Mother and father were getting ready to go on a trip, so the week before she had plenty to do in order to get ready. So instead of getting to stay home and play with our friends, we were forced to accompany her to the mall, the hair salon and the passport office.

It wasted the bulk of the day and my sister and I began fighting the minute the car pulled out of the driveway. At first, mother was calm and collected. “Please be good – we will get home as soon as we can.” We didn’t listen and our frustration culminated with slaps, hair pulling and yelling.

Finally, it reached the limit when I yelled at the top of my lungs for my sister to shut up inside the passport office. My mother was furious. She took us to the car and made us wait while she finished up her business (of course, in this day and age you wouldn’t dare leave a child alone like that).

When she returned to the car, she said little. I asked if we were going home – she said we were, but not to make any plans because we were going to be punished. A spanking never entered my mind.

When we got home, she told us both to go into the den and sit on the couch. My sister and I just kind of starred at each other in silence. When she returned with a hairbrush, my sister began crying right away. She begged and pleaded for mercy but it didn’t work, even though my mother told her it wasn’t right that I had told her to shut up. For that, I would get an even longer spanking.

After that, she told me and my sister to stand. She then pulled me to her side and quickly grabbed my pants and underpants and jerked them to my knees. By that time I was crying. Even at 10, I hated to be naked in front of anybody other than my parents. I was quickly pulled over her knee, where she went to work on my bottom.

I was crying too hard to notice when she went started to spank my sister. That was the only time I remember getting spanked with my sister, by it was not the last time I was punished in front of her.

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