Bare your butt!

My sad tale began when I decided to take my two-stroke motorcycle for a spin around the block.

I had been told before not to ride my motorcycle on the street. I had recently turned 15 years old and was not old enough to drive.

Thinking no-one was home, however, I decided to take my motorcycle for a ride. It made a lot of racket and to my surprise, my mom appeared in front of our house in a bikini. She had been home, out by the backyard pool sunning herself.

She told me to put my motorcycle away and come in the house. Once inside, she told me: “Bare your butt!” My mom thought whacking me with my clothes covering me caused little sting and did not make much of an impression.

My mom is nice but I had long since learned that if you gave her any static over punishment, she would just make things harder on you – such as not doing you any favours for a while. So I quietly lowered my pants and underwear to my ankles, and my mom went to work with her hand on my bare butt.

It stung plenty, and when she was through, she told me there was lotion in the bathroom that I could apply to my stinging butt. So I went to get some lotion and check out the damage in the bathroom mirror.

Our community had a good swim team, with which I used to swim, and on my butt, right below the tan line from my racing-style swimsuit, were red marks left by my mom. I applied some lotion and vowed never to get caught illegally riding my motorcycle on the street again.

Contributor: Paul

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