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This is from my childhood in Scandinavia in the late 60s/early 70s, and is my recollection of my first bare bottom spanking.

My mother would often threaten me with spankings if I did not behave. She would say things like: “I am going to the garden to cut a birch to use on your bare bottom”, or: “Bad girls get their bottom spanked”. But she never carried out the threat – until one day…

I must have been around six or seven years old. My mother and a friend of hers were making some kind of stuffing in the kitchen. They had a large white plastic bowl standing on the kitchen floor with some meat stuffing in it.

I thought that it would be an excellent idea to trample around in the stuffing and jumped in the bowl. My mother got very angry because I was messing with food. She lifted me out and told me that she would spank my bare bottom if I did it again. Then she went out of the kitchen to fetch something, leaving me with only her friend Anne.

For some reason, I thought I was funny to trample around in the red meat stuffing – and I never thought my mother would spank me, she never had before. So I jumped back in once more. Anne told me to stop at once. I ignored her the first time but at the second warning, she became angry and said: “If you were my daughter, I would spank you.”

I then thought it best to get out and was stood beside the bowl when my mother came back. Anne told my mother that I had done it again. My mother became furious and suddenly grabbed me, sat down on one of the kitchen chairs and pulled me over her knee.

I got very afraid, but my mother had had me over her knee before and gave me one or two swats because I promised her to be a good girl. But when I felt my mother’s fingers trying to open my belt and the buttons on my jeans, I panicked. I desperately tried to get off her knee – and I almost succeeded, because she had to loosen her grip a little when she yanked my jeans down.

Then I felt her taking hold of my woollen pantyhose and pulling them down, along with my panties. I pleaded with my mother. I told her I would never do it again. To no avail.

I remember what happened next crystal clear. After mother had pulled down my pantyhose and panties to my knees she adjusted her grip on me, so it was impossible to move my upper body – I could only kick my legs and wave my arms. She held me in an iron grip – I remember so clearly lying over my mother’s lap, bare bottomed, realising I could not get away.

She then started to smack my bare bottom. After a few smacks, I looked at Anne silently, willing her to come to my assistance. My mother told me that it was use no looking at Anne.

I do not remember much more of the spanking itself – only that my bottom was burning and that I was crying hard. Mother probably spanked 20 to 30 times. I do remember that she then dragged me, howling, to my bedroom. She pulled my jeans and pantyhose off completely, made me raise my arms and took off my sweater and T-shirt, then put me into my pyjamas.

Then she put her still-crying daughter to bed and told me to stay there for the rest of the day. I was left lying on my tummy, crying my eyes out. I learned a lesson that day – that my mother could carry out her threats.

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