After train lines

You may recall the spanking I told you about back in my previous story. I was caught playing on the railway line and Mum gave me two ‘train lines’ with a bamboo cane across my backside for punishment.

Well, that wasn’t the last spanking received but I never got the cane again. It was always there as a threat but after that very memorable spanking, it was back to the good old slipper.

There was, however, a dramatic change in the way I was spanked from then on. Mum must have decided that because I was getting older, and therefore rebellious, she needed to be harsher with my spankings. So all punishments were given on the bare bottom, much to my dismay. I had to remove my pants and then my underwear before bending over to take the licks.

I hated having to remove my underpants – it always embarrassed me to have my mum see me naked – but drop my pants I had to do.

The pain of the slipperings was worse, too. Mum hit ten times harder than she had before the ‘train lines’ caning and the number of strokes increased. Instead of an old-fashioned ‘six of the best’, as mother used to to say, I received as many as 15 pounding strokes. Slap, slap, slap! That slipper would do its punishing work and mum always slapped the same spot at least four times.

She always reddened the whole of my backside, leaving no spot unpunished. Often, the slipper would be applied to my poor naughty bottom at bedtime and I remember how painful it always was sitting down the next day at school.

All this continued until I was 16. For some reason mum, considered me an adult at 16 and stopped using corporal punishment. But I will never forget that slipper – it did its job well.

Contributor: Jason

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