Six of the best

Back in the 1960s, spanking was much more common. My most memorable was when my younger brother and I had misbehaved.

Mum called us inside, moved a dining room chair into the middle of the room, and told us to take down our trousers and pants. We didn’t know what was going to happen exactly, as we had just been used to quick smacks on our bottoms.

Mum was rummaging in a nearby drawer and eventually she came back with a 12in ruler, and asked: “Who’s first?” My brother said to me: “You go first.”

Mum told me to bend over the seat part of the chair, then she gave me six strokes with the ruler while my brother watched.

It was then his turn, and I watched as he got his six whacks. We had never had the ruler before, although we had heard about ‘six of the best’.

Contributor: Mark

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