In front of Hanna

I am now 36, and grew up in the south of England in the 60s. This is the only incident of corporal punishment I can now recall.

I was about 10 at the time. My parents were divorced and mum had come home with Hanna, a Norwegian girl friend. Hanna was about 18 then, mum would be 28 (she was 18 when she had me).

I can’t recall exactly how it started but I had managed to put a small ladder, which was from my bunk bed, through a glass panel in a door.

Mum was furious. She chased me through the house and finally caught me, dragging me into the lounge, quickly pulling my trousers and pants down, all in one go.

She quickly had me over her knee and started spanking away hard – all this while Hanna was sat on the sofa, watching. I think she was probably equally amazed at how fast it all happened. Anyway, I must have been spanked for a good five minutes before being let up and dragged off to bed.

Just three years ago, I met Hanna again and she reminded me about the incident. I jokingly told her I would have preferred it had it been her administering the punishment. She just laughed and said: “No, I don’t think so – I would have spanked you just as hard as your mum!”

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