Playing with the hose

I’ve read a number of stories on your site about people who had corner time after being spanked. My house was different – we had the corner time before being spanked. We knew that when we were placed in the corner, we would soon receive a good spanking. Here is an example I remember well…

I was 10 years old and was playing outdoors with my next door neighbour. We decided it would be fun to turn on the hose and get each other wet. We had a great time until my mother came outside. She sent my friend home and ordered me to get inside and change my clothes.

She then told me she had to run to the store and I was ‘in for it’ when she got back and I had better not leave my room. I knew what ‘in for it’ meant in my house but like many other kids, as soon as I heard mom’s car leave the drive I had to rush over and tell my friend what was going on.

Everything would have been fine if I hadn’t left my hat there, for I was back in my room when I heard mom’s car. However, my neighbour’s mother came over and gave the hat to my mom. I knew then I was going to pay for my misdeeds.

My mother came into the house, marched to my room and said: “So, you don’t have to follow directions?” I was so scared I couldn’t answer. “Stand Up!” I stood up. I knew from experience what was next: “Pull down your pants and underwear.” I begged: “Mom, please, I’m sorry” – but to no avail.

I knew I would have to obey or mom would pull them down herself and the spanking would be worse. I slowly pulled down my pants and underwear. Mom pointed to the corner. As I stood there with my bare butt showing, I thought about what was coming. I knew that in 30 minutes, mom would be back to administer the spanking. I got more and more worried.

By the time the 30 minutes was up, I was already shaking and sobbing. Then I heard mother approach. In our house, we were not allowed to turn around until mother said so.

“Are you supposed to play with the hose?” “No,” I sobbed. “What do you think will help you remember?” “I don’t know.” “Perhaps a spanking?” mother questioned. “Maybe,” I said, still in tears and facing the corner. “Ask for one,” she said. This was also part of the punishment. We had to ask politely for our spanking.

“Mommy, may I have a spanking for playing with the hose?” “You may. Now, turn around and bend over the bed.”

I bent over the bed. She pulled out one of my father’s belts she had been holding and proceeded to whip me with it. I received about 20-25 swats. By the third one, I was crying so hard and wanted so bad to try to get away but I knew that I would be spanked again if I did.

After the 25 swats, she made me stand in front of her. She told me I was not done yet. She told me that that spanking was for playing in the hose without permission. She then ordered me back to the corner. Finally, she came in and gave me about 40 or 50 more swats with the belt for not following directions.

Although I didn’t like any part of the punishment, from then on I never left my room when I was told not to!

Contributor: Eric

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