Cleaning out the poison

I guess I was about eight, and very proud of myself – I had smoked two of my brother’s cigarettes and gotten away with it. However, it was clear when I entered the kitchen that I had not! There was mother!

“Get to your bedroom right now. I saw those cigarettes. Take your shoes and pants off, and come to me when I call you.” Well, it was clear that I was to get a spanking!

After a short time I heard her voice. “Come here now!” She was in the bathroom. As I entered, I saw that she was seated on the commode and next to it on the wash stand was her hairbrush, a bowl of water and an enema bulb.

“No, mommy – not an enema too! Please, no?” She motioned me over to her, and quickly she pulled my shorts down to my knees, then laid me across her lap.

“Cigarettes put poison in you. I am going to clean that poison out, while I warm your butt good for doing this.”

I felt her hand on my cheeks as she parted them, then the cold, lubed enema bulb entered my bottom. I felt the very warm water explode into me. Upon removing the bulb, I felt her hand begin to spank me hard. After about ten slaps, I felt the bulb again. Then came the hairbrush, ten to each cheek.

I was by now crying to be let up. My bottom was on fire, and I needed to go! Three more times the cold enema tip went in to fill me with more water. Each time I got more spanks, some by hand and some with the brush.

Finally, I was allowed to get off her lap and go to the toilet. Mother left the room and I was left there to contemplate my mistakes. Eventually, she stuck her head in the door and said: “If you’re finished, come to your room.”

I did, and she was by my bed. “Now, five with the strap, and then you may go to bed.”

I laid over the bed and she applied that strap to my already burned bottom. Later, I vowed to behave myself as I tried to sleep with a very hot behind.

Contributor: Walter

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