Old Lady Kellar

My most memorable spanking was when I was 13. I lived alone with my mother and she would never dare to do it to me.

One afternoon, some girls and I were playing truth or dare. When it came to my turn, I chose dare. I was dared to go and knock on Old Lady Kellar’s door and run away five times.

On my third time, she caught me. She took me by the ear and dragged me into her house and sat me on her bed. She pulled out a strap from he dresser and told me to bend over.

I wouldn’t, so she said that if I bent over, my mother wouldn`t have a reason to find out. So I obeyed.

She pulled up my skirt, then I kicked and screamed as the strap hit my panties about ten times. Then she did what had I dreaded – she put her fingers into my panties and pulled them down to my ankles.

I screamed, cried, kicked and yelped, and after about 40 she stopped. Then the door bell rang – five of her friends had come over to play bridge. During the whole time, she made me stand in the corner, exposing my cherry-red bottom.

Contributor: Sue

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