Punished by my sister

My sister and I are now in our early 30s. We grew up during a time when corporal punishment was still an approved form of discipline.

We have vague memories of being spanked by our mother. She quite frankly didn’t have the heart to spank us, so early on she abdicated this responsibility to our father.

Our father’s implement of choice was the leather belt, which he welded quite effectively. Our father never spanked us on the bare butt because he considered that child abuse. My father was a strong man, so he still often left marks and even welts on our clothed bottoms.

As we approached our teenage years, my father began giving us a choice between spankings and grounding. Since grounding meant the loss of all privileges for several days, we always picked the spanking. My father’s spankings were brutal but at least they only lasted a few minutes.

By the time I was 13, my father had retired his belt for a good. After that grounding was the punishment of his choice.

Like most boys, I didn’t reach my full height and maturity until I was well into my teens. My sister an early bloomer was almost as tall as our mom by the time she was 12. My sister was also more shapely and full-figured than our mother, who was always on the thin side. Plus, my sister was a classically beautiful blonde hair and blue -eyed girl. Even though I’m two years older than my sister, for a while we were roughly the same height and weight.

Like most siblings, my sister and I had a love-hate relationship. While we were often partners in crime, we also revelled in getting the other in trouble. My sister was strong-willed and I was mischievous so we both got in plenty of trouble. We really got in serious trouble.

Things like sharing homework with friends and reading inappropriate magazines were usually our worse crimes – at least, the ones we got caught doing.

One summer day, on a dare I shoplifted some candy from a Mom and Pop convenience store. I thought I had gotten away scot free until my sister confronted me with it later.

I knew I was dead meat. There were few things my father loathed more than a thief. Plus the store owner was a real hard ass. So he would have probably turned the case over to the police, regardless of what my father did. I was so nervous I became light-headed, weak-kneed and nauseous.

That’s when my sister shocked me by offering me a proposition. She didn’t like the store owner, so she had no problem not telling him what I had done.

However, to keep her from telling our father, I had to agree to let her spank me. At first I thought she was kidding. But the look on her face told a different story.

It was really a no-brainer – face the wrath of my dad or my little sister. Heck, she was a girl, so how hard could she hit? Plus, to be honest with you, I found the idea of being spanked by a girl exciting, even if it was my little sister.

A couple days later, our parents went out for the evening with another couple. After keeping in suspense for two days my sister told me that would be the night. My parents ordered pizza for my sister and me. But even though I loved pizza, I was so nervous and excited that I could hardly eat.

My sister was wearing very tight blue jeans and a tied-off T-shirt. At 5ft 8in, she looked every bit the young lady, even though she was only 12. After we finished eating, my sister told me to go to her bedroom, put the desk chair in the middle of the room and wait for her.

As ordered, I waited nervously for my sister’s arrival. After what seemed like an eternity, my sister entered the room patting her palm with our mother’s large wooden clothes brush. I fought hard to conceal my shook and fear at the site of the fearsome brush. But since I was also wearing jeans, I figured it couldn’t be that bad.

My sister sat on the desk chair and ordered me to pull down my paints and underwear. At this point I wasn’t so much afraid of the pain as I was afraid that my sister would see my large erection. At first I refused but another threat to tell my father prompted me into action.

My sister then patted her lap and motioned for me to bend over. I slowly assumed the position, trying to conceal my erection with my hands at the same time. My sister must have noticed my erect penis but made no mention of it. However, once I was bent over, my sister parted her thighs to capture my bulging manhood. All the while, she had a sly smile on her face.

My sister placed her left hand in the small of my back. Then she laid her right hand on my right butt cheek. Her hands felt soft, cool and arousing – but this would soon change.

My sister started slapping slowly and lightly at first. Her right hand stung, but pleasingly so. Before long, though, she picked up steam and began to spank harder and faster. Eventually, my sister was slapping me as hard as she could. I squirmed in her lap as the tears streamed down my face.

Finally she stopped, only because her hand was tired and sore. As she reached for the clothes brush she informed me I was going to get what all thieves deserved. The clothes brush felt like 1,000 stinging bees on my already throbbing bottom.

I was crying and sobbing freely by now. I was also squirming and wiggling across my sister’s lap. All of sudden, she stopped. I gave a sigh of relief but she quickly informed me that the spanking wasn’t nearly over.

A friend of hers had told my sister how her mother dealt with naughty children who wouldn’t hold position during a spanking. My sister told me to stand up and lay across her left thigh, which I reluctantly did. My sister then pinned me with her right leg. She then proceeded to pummel me with the clothes brush.

After she finally decided I had received enough punishment, she let me up. My sister hugged me and informed me she would spank me whenever she felt I deserved it. I could have refused several times in the future, because I had the goods on my sister, but I never did.

I found being spanked by females as exciting as it was painful – in fact, I was later spanked by some of my sister’s friends and a very attractive cousin.

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