Unwelcome presents

My sister and I were generally very well-behaved girls growing up, although we certainly weren’t strangers to the occasional smacked bottom from our parents. However, one incident still stands out like a sore thumb (or a very sore something else!) in my memory.

I was eight years old at the time, and there is barely more than a year between myself and my little sister Yvonne. As I say, we were by no means horrendous children but we had our moments, and this particular year, in the run-up to Christmas we were absolutely hyper. We sang along to all the adverts, pointed out and begged for nearly every toy that popped up on our TV screens, and we even went through the Argos catalogue (a warehouse-type retailer, for those outside the UK), putting circles around everything we wanted in there – which, of course, was the majority of the toy section!

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