Child training by Nike

My mom always wore those Nike flats that are very heavy and also served as a tool of discipline for her – she could easily remove one and swat us anywhere we happened to be if I or my older brother Richard misbehaved.

There were so many occasions where we were swatted in the street, with the promise of more to come after he or I got home. Eventually, Mom began keeping an old pair of flats in her bag so that everybody could see her carrying the instrument of correction after we were swatted with it. What’s more, most of the folks in our neighbourhood would know that one boy or the other – or both – would be soundly spanked on their bare bottoms once we got inside.

My brother was frequently held responsible if I misbehaved because my mom felt that he had failed to supervise me. So I got to see him spanked a lot and could clearly see his privates swinging around as he was dealt with, as I always had a front angle. Poor Richard would cry his eyes out as Mom swatted him, seemingly forever, with that horrid flat. But I would always be hard as I watched, even though I felt bad for my brother.

Of course, I got plenty of bare bottom spankings myself but somehow they seemed less severe. Mom would always comfort us after a punishment and forgive us, which made the whole experience slightly more bearable. 

When I was 13, a girl from the neighbourhood who liked me told me that she heard me getting spanked the day before. I was initially ashamed at my babyish crying, but she said knew it had been a long, hard beating. She asked me to bare my well-spanked backside. I obediently dropped my pants and briefs and she was surprised as how bruised my bottom was.

Suddenly, and without warning, she smacked me across both bare buttocks and I suddenly got an erection. Later in life, I would frequently fantasise about being spanked by flats on my bare bottom.

When I got older, I finally got the courage up to tell Mom the effect such punishments on my private parts. She arched an eyebrow but merely replied: “Well, John, I just did what was needed to raise my boys to be good people.”

I hugged her, and added that she could still spank me if i misbehaved. That made us both laugh.

Contributor: John

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