When mums conspire

Hello! I just found your site – considering my massive interest in the subject I’m surprised it’s taken me this long. Disappointed I am not! I’m pretty sure I’m one of your younger reader and contributors. What I’m about to tell you only happened 10 years ago, so the memory is pretty fresh.

This contribution does not include any ‘punishments’ per se – in fact, I don’t know anyone who has been or is punished with spanking these days. No, this is about two mums who jointly satisfied the curiosity of a young boy who asked a few too many questions. The ladies in question continue to tease me about it regularly – and probably will for the rest of my life!

I have tried to recreate the scenes in detail, because the details were important to me. Mostly, though, it’s about my unrelenting interest and questioning about a spanking, and how the two mums played a trick on me.

Like many who have contributed before me, I could not understand my overriding fascination with being spanked. In the end, I simply came to the conclusion that I was born this way.

My contribution revolves around two very special days when I was 10 years old. My story also revolves around two, fun -loving, modern mums – my own mum being one, the other being the mother of my friend Adam. Our two mums remain great friends. Adam and I are still friends but he has moved on to further education away from home, so we see less of each other these days. I still see his mum and sister a lot, though.

Growing up, spankings were easily found on the internet. Old films were a readily available source of material. Sadly for me, though, most featured men spanking women – there were very few examples of women spanking young men!

Growing up, I don’t think I was ever actually punished in any significant way. No grounding, sending to my room or removal of toys and games. Nothing.

My contribution really starts with my mate Adam casually relating the details of a fun birthday spanking given to his older sister. I still remember my total excitement at this news.

My family was invited to the birthday party across the road. After a bit, me and Adam sneaked away to his room to play a computer game. After all, it was a party for 14-year-old girls, not 10-year-old boys!

I sat in total disbelief as Adam told me that his mum had given his sister a birthday spanking. She gave her daughter 14 fun smacks and one good one ‘to grow on’. The spanking had been given in the morning before any guests had arrived.

I must have driven Adam mad with a thousand questions. I wanted every detail. It turned out his sister had been chased around the lounge by both her mum and dad. Finally, mum had caught her and after a playful struggle (and a little help from dad) she found herself across her mum’s knee. Adam heard the commotion and walked in as the play fight between mum and daughter was in full flow. They counted the smacks out loud as a family – Adam said it was great fun. 

I was super-pumped by this news. I asked Adam if he had been spanked and he replied no, but his parents had warned him to be ‘afraid, very afraid’ on his next birthday! In the end, I couldn’t concentrate on our game – I was so messed up in my head. Before we moved to a new level in the game, I took a keyboard break and went for a drink.

Adam’s mum was in the kitchen, along with loads of other people. As I helped myself to a drink ,I watched her and she caught my eye more than once. I was obsessing over the news of the spanking. Staring at my friend’s mum chatting to people, I remember thinking to myself: she looks just like normal – you would never know she have given her daughter a spanking that morning. I saw my friend’s mum in a new – and very exciting – light.

Much later on, only myself, my parents and Adam his family remained. Mum had offered to help tidy up, so we all mucked in. I remember being a little flustered around my friend’s mother, and I guess it must have shown.

I took a bag of rubbish out to the bin and on my way back bumped into her. At ten, you’re obviously still a child – but you are beginning to grow up. I wanted to ask questions – lots of questions. Although I didn’t understand at the time ,I was experiencing being turned on. And I wanted to hear about the details of the spanking from Adam’s mum.

Finally, I got up the courage to ask he whether Adam was winding me up about the birthday spanking. She gave me a sideways glance and said: “No, it’s true! It was just a bit of spontaneous, harmless fun really.” 

I then asked whether Adam would get one on his birthday. ”Quite possibly – if he wants one.” Oh boy! My blood was pumping, even though she never actually said the word ‘spanking’, which was a bit disappointing. 

Finally, Adam’s mum straightened up and looked directly at me, at which point I think the penny dropped. I am pretty sure my heart stopped as she said: “I’ll give you one if you don’t get back in there and help your mum tidy up!” I remember that threat like it happened a second ago! It was like a bolt of electricity going through me – totally freaked me out.

I don’t blush, but she must have noticed something in my reaction. I just stood there for a second. I remember feeling sort of in awe of her – it was a strange feeling.

She tied up yet another black bin bag then, handing it to me, said: “Shoo!” I did as I was told. Looking back, I’m sure Adam’s mum realised at that moment that I had more than a passing interest in spanking. My questions and reactions must have given me away.

As the clean-up progressed we would come face-to-face every now and then. By now I had a little trouble looking her in the eye, but when I thought she wasn’t looking I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She was the first woman I had met in person who had given a spanking. It was that big a deal for me.

Meanwhile, our dads were sitting down on the job, drinking beer in the garden. They had bagged some rubbish but not taken it to the bins. Adam and I were sent out to get the remaining bags, leaving our two mothers in the house.

I suspect a cunning plan was hatched at this point, because what happened next is the reason for my contribution. I presume Adam’s mum must have mentioned my interest to my own mother as they chatted alone.

Finally, with Dad staying behind to finish his beer and chat with Adam’s father, Mum and I headed home. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary as we crossed the road to our house. Once home, I went up to my bedroom, changed into my pyjamas and got ready for bed.

Mum must have been waiting for the right moment – and as I returned to my room from the bathroom, she pounced. 

She didn’t waste time. “Young man, Adam’s mum tells me you were very naughty and cheeky at the party. We have decided you deserve a good spanking. I’m very disappointed in you!”

Dumbfounded doesn’t come close. I’d never been scolded like this, never been called ‘young man’ and very definitely never had my bottom smacked. I was so shocked – but Mum seemed dead serious.

She walked towards me, took my arm and in one smooth, perfectly executed movement, she sat down on the end corner of my bed and turned me over her knee.

I offered no resistance – to be honest, I was so surprised and shocked I could barely think or speak! What I remember the most about that moment was the ‘weightlessness’ of hanging over Mum’s lap. That, and a genuine fear of an imminent spanking!

She was so cool as she got me ready for my spanking, like an expert, as if she did it every day! “I heard her say: You are such a naughty boy, being cheeky like that to Adam’s mum!” As she continued to scold me, she eased my pyjama bottoms down to expose my bare bum. I hadn’t said a word by this point – in truth, I was totally speechless. I hadn’t been naughty at all.

Mum started to smack my bum, with light, quick smacks that stung a bit but didn’t really hurt at all. I’m not sure how many she gave me, because they came so quickly. Her smacks were like sharp flicks of her fingers. 

There was a pause. I lay still, eyes and mouth wide open, trying to get my brain to catch up. I was being spanked across mums knee!

“Tomorrow morning, after breakfast, you will be apologising to Adam’s mum, you naughty boy!” The relevance of this statement was lost on me at the time!

Mum then gave me another round of smacks. These were delivered at the same quick rate but felt more like Mum’s whole hand being used against my bottom. They were hard enough to sting pretty good, but again at no point did they really hurt. I did huff and puff and wiggle a bit towards the end. I never protested, cried out in pain or suffered anything more than a mild, warm, stinging bottom.

As quickly as it had happened, it was over. My pyjama bottoms were tugged back up, I was helped up and mum pointed to my bed. “Now go to bed, you naughty boy, and straight to sleep!”

I scrabbled under my bedclothes in complete and total shock. I had been spanked! Over Mum’s knee! On the bare!

She stopped at the door, turned and put her finger on the light switch. Our eyes met for a second, she smiled and said: “Goodnight – love you.” She turned out the light and closed the door. What the hell? First she spanks me, tells me off, then smiles and says she loves me? Confused or what?

I couldn’t believe what had just happened, it was so cool. I lay in my bed, a tingling warmth still coming from my bum. I lay perfectly still, enjoying the sting, smiling in the dark. 

That night I held myself and it may have been the first erection that I really remember. I must have lain awake for hours replaying the whole thing in my head – something which in reality had taken no more than two or three minutes.

Mum’s smile at the end of the experience was a huge moment. I was obviously being messed about, but why?

What a moment, what a day! I had heard about Adam’s sisters birthday spanking. I had just been spanked across my mum’s knee and discovered that my willy did other things beside pee! When I fell asleep, I was just about the happiest boy in the world.

At breakfast, Dad seemed oblivious to the previous evening’s proceedings. If he knew I had been across Mum’s knee, he did a fine job of not showing it. For her part, Mum caught my eye a and raised her eyebrows once or twice at me. There was no mention of the spanking, however, and I was given my usual cereal, as if nothing had happened.

After being excused from the table I returned to my bedroom. I had no plans, except maybe catch up with Adam. I obsessed over my spanking until I heard Mum calling me. I went downstairs and she was standing by the lounge door. “In here,” she indicated, with a sideways tilt of her head. I had no idea what this was about –surely I wasn’t really in any trouble? Maybe there was to be an explanation over what last night was all about?

In I went, and Mum called over my head: “Take as long as you like!” She quickly closed the door, and at that precise second I came face to face with Adam’s mum. She was standing with her hands on her hips, looking stern. “Well, Jack, what do you have to say for yourself?” she asked. Speechless, gob-smacked, panicked, stunned, shocked – take your pick, all of those describe how I felt.!

I could barely manage a ‘what?’ I turned to Mum as the door closed behind me, and then back again to face my friend’s mother. She kept a straight face. All I could do was wonder why she was in our lounge.

“Now then, you naughty, cheeky boy – I understand you had your bottom smacked last night?” I had no answer. My 10-year-old brain was completely befuddled. What was going on? She knew I got spanked?

“Your mum has given me as long as it takes to deal with you myself, you naughty boy.” She advanced on me, took my hand and led me towards a chair that had evidently been turned around in preparation for my arrival. I could see where this was going! I could see where I was going, too – across Adams mum’s knee! It was a proper set up, an ambush! Things were starting to fall into place. The two mothers even used the same language.

They must have planned this the previous night, and I had been outwitted and thoroughly outsmarted by the two mothers. My own had spanked me last night – now it was the turn of Adam’s mum.

While my brain was trying to sort all this stuff out, she sat down, tugged my soft jogging bottoms down and put me across her knees. I was about to have my second spanking in less than 12 hours. That fantastic feeling of weightlessness was back. That moment of hanging across her knees: balanced, waiting – it was perfect!

She left my underpants in place. I assume she and Mum had agreed it might be a step too far for a non-parent to smack my bare bottom. Nevertheless, she made sure my pants were pulled up nice and tight, so most of my bottom would have been exposed. It subsequently certainly felt like a bare bottom spanking, as my pants gave me zero protection.

Adam’s mum told me: “You are a very naughty boy and very cheeky. Your mother and I discussed your behaviour and came to the conclusion that you deserve a good spanking. Now, hold still, you naughty boy!” Same speech as Mum gave me last night, give or take. It had been planned!

She smacked much slower than my own mother, but a little harder – though still not enough to cause any serious pain. A punishment it was not – but I must admit she took her time; far longer than Mum had taken the previous evening. As she smacked me, she really only repeated the line that I was such a naughty boy. There was no other telling off – just a slow hand spanking that stung a bit more than Mum’s, mostly I think because it lasted longer.

By the time I was released it would be fair to say that my bum stung pretty good! Finally, she gave my bottom a little rub and said: “There – that should do it!” I got a good hard smack to finish – that one opened my eyes!

Adam’s mum helped me to my feet, pulled my joggers up and, smiling at me, opened the door. I stood there rubbing my bum gently, hands inside my joggers, although I was in no real discomfort. She called my mum back and as she appeared both women burst out laughing. I just looked at them, still recovering from my second spanking – clearly, the joke was on me.

“Oh, you should have seen his face!” Adam’s mum laughed. Both women looked at me, clearly very pleased with their little joke. “It was a picture when he saw me!”

“Do you think he’s learned his lesson now?” Mum asked. “Well, probably wouldn’t hurt to give him another one every night this week, just to make sure!” Adam’s mum replied. Mum nodded – they were thoroughly enjoying themselves and obviously found it all hugely funny.

Mum asked her friend: “That should satisfy his curiosity for a while, don’t you think?” Adam’s mum nodded, smiled warmly at me and replied: “Oh, I should think so! If not, bring him over to me and we’ll make double sure!” 

The pair of them looked very smug as they congratulated each other on their joke. If I’m honest, I thought I’d come out of it quite well. I’d been spanked by two women in two days and loved every minute of it – especially the discovery of a new function of my willy last night. 

“We must do this again some time soon!” Adams mum joked. She gave me a quick, hard squeeze, messed up my hair and said: “See ya later, naughty boy!”

They were still having a good laugh as Mum showed her out. I heard a distant: “I do wish you could have seen his face!” There was more laughing and smug talk but I couldn’t hear any of it. However, standing there, gently rubbing my warm bum, another feeling was getting stronger – and my new toy was rising in my underpants!

“Don’t be a stranger,” was the last thing I heard Mum say as the door closed. I just stood there, enjoying the afterglow.

Mum came back in, smiling like a cat that got the cream. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me. “Ah! Betcha didn’t see that coming?” she teased. I just shook my head. “Satisfied your curiosity?” I nodded ruefully. It had dawned on me that not only did my own mother now know that I enjoyed having my bottom smacked, so did Adam’s mum, and almost certainly Adam and his sister too. Which was embarrassing.

I asked Mum if she really was going to spank me every night for a week. She pulled a funny face, placed her hands on her hips and said thoughtfully: “Hmm – that’s not a bad idea!” Sadly, she didn’t of course.

“Back in a mo – stay here,” Mum said and left me alone for a minute. I wasn’t quite sure what she was up to, but waited for her, still gently massaging my smacked bum. I also had the added bonus of an erection to sort out.

With a moment to myself, I mentally compared the two spankings. There was no doubt in my mind that Adam’s mum was the instigator of the joke. She also smacked a bit harder than my mum. Also, she seemed very enthusiastic – dare I say it, as if she was enjoying spanking me. She certainly took her time about smacking my bottom. For a split second, it crossed my mind that given enough of a reason she might do it again too. That was exciting.

It felt different from the night before because it was my own mum, and at first I thought it was for real. My own mother smacked quicker and her smacks seem to sting a little more because of that. Whatever, the result was that both mums smacked me just enough to put a sting in my tail without causing any serious harm. It was fascinating comparing them. For two young mothers in the modern era, they both made a very good job of spanking a youngster!

A minute later, Mum returned to explain how they planned the whole thing. She sat next to me in the lounge, gave me a hug and asked me if I was OK about it. She also asked me if I wanted to talk about anything, and said that if I did in the future she would always be there for me.

She asked if the spanking she had given me last night had been what I expected. Had being spanked satisfied my curiosity? Had I any more questions?

I admitted that I had enjoyed being the butt (literally!) of their joke. I also managed to admit that I had been curious about getting spanked for a long time. I tried it on a bit – told her Adam’s mum smacked harder than she did. I suppose I hoped to tempt Mum into a ‘rematch’ but she just laughed it off. “Watch it, cheeky – it was just for fun!”

It was pushing my luck, but the cat was out of the bag. Mum now knew I enjoyed being spanked, so I asked her if she would do me every night for a week. However, in a firm but kind voice she told me that the experience had just been a bit of fun to satisfy my curiousity. There would be no more spankings.

I found our later that Adam had told his mum that I had asked all those questions about his sister’s spanking. Add to that the questions I had asked her myself, and so she and Mum had hatched their cunning plan. 

Mum told me how she had updated Adam’s mum by text after she had spanked me the previous evening. The plan was for my friend’s mother to sneak in by the back door the next morning because, and I quote: “She wanted to surprise you, and fancied smacking your bottom too because it would be fun!” I must say, I was amazed Mum had agreed to let her come over and spank me. It was cool that she did, though. They had played a blinder, and they have carried on with the joke ever since.

I didn’t hold out a lot of hope, because Mum had said there would be no more spankings, but I figured it was worth a shot and approaching my 11th year, I asked Mum whether I could have a birthday spanking on the big day. I was quite surprise when she answered casually: “Sure, if you want.”

On the morning of my birthday, she came into my room early. She closed the door and wished a very sleepy me ‘happy birthday’ with a kiss on the forehead. Then, whipping back the covers of my bed, Mum tickled me to get me twisting and wriggling. 

“Do you want the loo?” she asked. I did. “Go on then – and hurry up!” I did as I was told.

When I came back, Mum was sitting on the end of my bed. “Come here, birthday boy,” she said smiling crooking a finger at me. I was super excited. Mum asked: “What happens to naughty boys on their birthday?” “They get lots of presents!” I teased. “What else?” “They get a birthday spanking, Mum,” I answered. I remember trembling with excitement.

“Yes, they do,” she confirmed. With a sideways swipe of her finger, Mum said in her best very stern voice: “Over my knee, right now!” 

I willingly got myself into position, for that much-loved, special hanging in mid-air feeling I enjoyed so much, and prepared myself for 11 quick light sharp smacks. I was relaxed, excited and happy.

I was given a sound series of crisp, firm smacks to my pyjama covered bottom, and a sizzler of a one to grow on! None on the bare, though. They were easily the hardest smacks I had received, possibly a result of my cheeky comment from months earlier about Adam’s mum smacking harder. Certainly, mum made sure I felt those smacks for a while. I was taken by surprise, actually gasped a couple of times and when Mum finished I said: “Cor!” I meant it, too – that last one stung for real.

Mum laughed, hugged me and wished me happy birthday again. She put her arm around me told me I was a very naughty boy, and guided me downstairs with promises of my favourite breakfast. What a treat, what a spanking!

Each year after that, until I was 15, I received a birthday spanking from Mum, using exactly the same method described above. I felt a very lucky boy to have such a cool mum!

As I approached 16, Mum took me aside and explained that the birthday spankings were going to stop. I was disappointed but old enough to understand why. I considered asking for a compromise – maybe bent over for a few swats with a paddle –but in realit, it was never going to happen.

The two mothers have never let me forget the original incident. I tell you, it’s bloody murder when they get together – boy, do they tease me! For all her threats, Adam’s mum never spanked me again. I heard from Adam she spanked him on his 11th birthday, but as far as I know that was the last and it was never discussed again between us boys. 

Although I’ve dated on and off since, I think there’s no way my particular interest will ever be discussed until I have a steady partner. So, as I am too old now to be spanked by either mother, I’m suffering from a ‘dry spell’ – but fingers crossed the right girl will come along soon!

I hope you and your readers have enjoyed my contribution as much as I did writing it – it brought back fabulous memories, 

Contributor: Jack

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