Lined up for chastisement

My family consisted of a younger sister and older brother, while our neighbour’s family was made up of two boys (one younger, one the same age as me) and a girl who was older than me. Us kids usually spent a lot of time together and we usually had great fun. But there was one occasion when it resulted in big trouble for us all.

It was a terribly hot summer day and we decided, en masse, to sneak out and go swimming at a local pond. There wasn’t any supervision and in retrospect it probably wasn’t the wisest decision.  When we came home, we were confronted by two very angry mothers who were determined to teach us all a lesson we would never forget. 

We were ushered into our house and lined up in the hallway by age, young to oldest, outside of my parents’ bedroom.  The two mothers discussed things together in the room while we waited nervously outside. Finally, my mother came out announce that we all were to spanked within an inch of lives for such misguided behaviour.

With that, she grabbed my youngest sister and stripped her of her swimming suit. My sister begged and pleaded that she didn’t want to be spanked, none of which got her anywhere.  My mother picked her up by the arm, hauled her into the bedroom and shut the door.  

There was about a minute where we could only hear her sobbing and the sharp sounds of hand smacking a bare little butt very hard.  My sister erupted in screams and howls as the repetitive sound of the spanking went on and on.  The neighbour’s youngest boy, who was next in line, broke out crying just listening as the spanking went on what seemed like forever.  

Finally the slapping stopped but the howls and cries of my sister continued. Presently the bedroom door opened and a naked crying little girl, her hands plastered to her very red bottom, came jumping up and down out of the bedroom. She was put to face the wall on the other side of the hallway. 

Then, in an instant, the neighbour’s youngest boy was snatched up, his swimsuit removed and tossed on the floor and he was hauled into the bedroom by his arm. He was crying like a baby even before the spanking began. As before, the sounds of hard slaps rang through the air, and the boy’s wailing, crying and pleading deteriorated into an unintelligible blubber. By now all of us kids had some sniffles. Finally, the boy was brought out of the bedroom. Just like my little sister, his hands were clasped to his bright red butt as he danced from foot to foot. He was made to stand naked next to my sister. 

Next up for punishment was the elder of the neighbour’s boys – he would be about 14. As his swimsuit was pulled down, we noticed that his penis was erect and pointing at the ceiling. Ignoring this, my mother grabbed him by the hair, pulled him into the bedroom and closed the door. 

Suddenly, we heard a plaintive cry of: “No! Not the paddle!” Our hearts sunk at the knowledge that an implement was now being used on us older children. Sure enough, the sounds of a wooden paddle striking the boy’s bare bottom soon filled the air, punctuated by his shrieks and screams as the punishment was administered.

By now it was clear that we all were in terrible trouble, but our perhaps surprising physical responses to the prospect of a sound spanking were also evident. For us girls, our nipples got as hard as rocks as we shifted from foot to foot. The boys, meanwhile, displayed prominent bulges in their swim suits as they stood there with teary eyes, waiting their turn.   

The current candidate’s sobs and pleas turned to gibberish, then the spanking seemed to slow down a bit but did not stop for at least a minute or two. Finally, only the boy’s bawling could be heard as he was brought out with deep red buttocks and a shrivelled little penis – evidently the spanking had taken away any stimulation. As the boy tried to wipe the tears and snot off his face, he was made to stand behind the others who had already received their punishment. 

I was next, and I whined when my swimsuit was removed, leaving me standing there naked with my breasts shaking in fear and my triangle of pubic hair revealed to all. But that embarrassment only lasted a few seconds before I was pulled into the bedroom and quickly placed over my mother’s lap, as her neighbour stood over me and grinned at my predicament.   

My mother picked up the Jokari paddle and immediately went to work on my bare behind. I cannot begin to adequately describe the pain I felt, though interestingly it took a few initial swats before it registered enough for me let out a howl and start kicking my legs. My hand automatically shot back to protect my bottom – this was quickly held firmly in the small of my back.

My face filled with tears and snot, and my pleading and screams all merged together until I just went limp over my mother’s lap – but still the spanking continued.  Finally, mercifully, it was over and Mom helped me to my feet as I danced and hopped from foot to foot, totally oblivious to the show I was putting on as I was ushered out into the hallway and made to stand behind the other red-bottomed children. 

Next came the neighbour’s older daughter, who was about 17. She screamed ‘not in front of them!’ as her bikini top was removed, followed by her bottoms, and she was pulled by the ear naked into the bedroom. Her cries were pitiful as the paddle went to work, and she shrieked and howled and coughed as the spanking went on and on.  

Her spanking seemed to be faster and much louder than the previous ones and it was clear she was really getting it good.  Finally, all we could hear was loud sobbing and the rapid smacks on the paddle.

When she was ushered out the room, the girl’s breasts danced up and down as she jumped from foot to foot. She had bruises on her bottom as she was put in line behind the rest of us who had already been spanked. 

Finally, it was my oldest brother’s turn. His eyes were wild in fear as his swimsuit was pulled down, leaving him standing naked with an erection pointing straight up that bobbed as he was pulled into the bedroom.  

My brother’s crying and howling was more pitiful than anyone else’s and his childish pleas of ‘please, Mommy!’ had no effect on the punishment. It was during this final spanking that I noticed that with the exception of the youngest girl, the rest of us females were all displaying very hard and pointy nipples. Meanwhile, all the boys over puberty all had solid erections again. 

After what seemed like a lifetime, the sounds of the spanking stopped but the sound of my brother’s crying echoed through the air as he was brought out with a heavily bruised bottom – and now flaccid penis – to take his place at the end of the line.

All this would have been bad enough, and we thought we were done. But our two mothers came out of the bedroom and went into the kitchen. When they came back, our neighbour was carrying a leather strap. She smacked it hard against her hand and the tears started to flow again from us all. 

The youngest boy and girl each got one swat of the strap. The leather made a fresh bright red mark across their already sore bottoms and sent them into frantic howling. Then they were once more made to stand against the wall. 

Next came the neighbour’s boy who was about my age. He was made to bend over a tall stool and told to spread his legs. This position left his erection and scrotum visible to us all, in a very graphic display. He got six strokes of the strap and had to be held in place by my mother to prevent him from jumping up. Each smack resulted in a deafening cry and the boy’s legs trembled as the strap left marks on his lower butt and upper thighs. His manhood once again shrivelled, he was put back against the wall.

Then I too was placed over that stool and made to spread my legs. No doubt all the other kids could see my vulva and anus as well as my butt cheeks, in what must have been quite an obscene display. The first smack of the strap left me in total shock – I could not believe the pain – and then the second and subsequent strokes set fire in my butt for a total of six strokes.  I could barely walk as I pushed against the wall with blurry eyes and snot dribbling from my nose. 

Then I was my oldest sister’s turn. I broke out in loud sobs as she bent over the stool and spread her legs – I could see what I must have been displaying for everyone else.  She got 12 swats of the strap and after the first six sobbed incoherently as her butt turned black and blue.  When she was finally let up, her violent sobbing made her breasts jiggle as she was put against the wall next to us. 

As the oldest boy was moved over to the stool, his erection danced in the air. His hard-on only lasted for about two strokes of the strap before it shrivelled up but his testicles bounced up and down vigorously with each following smack. He too came up from the stool with a black and blue bottom and thighs, and he cried just as hard as the rest of us kids, his balls jiggling as he gingerly walked to the wall. 

We stood there naked next to each other for about 10 minutes before we were finally told to retrieve our swimwear and get to our rooms. No-one bothered to get dressed after what we had all seen, and the neighbour children all shuffled naked out of our back door, crying with swimwear in hand, as they went back to their house. 

My poor backside was tender for at least two days after the whipping, and my sister said she was sore for closer to a week.  One thing is for sure – we had all learned a lesson we would never forget.

Contributor: Laura

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