Together in trouble

I discovered this website by accident, and have read many of the stories, so I thought I would tell you all about my worst childhood memory. Frankly, it was a day I would prefer to forget but never will – and it was a day that I received a double spanking.

It all took place during and after a visit to my cousin’s, getting on for 30 years ago now. I worshipped my cousin – she was tall, slim, blonde and pretty. We had not been at the house long, however, when my cousin mysteriously disappeared.

She had done something wrong and her mum, my auntie, had taken her upstairs. I nagged my parents continuously, asking where my cousin was – I just wouldn’t let it go.

Unbeknown to me, after being taken upstairs my cousin had been spanked and told to stay in her room. I didn’t hear or see what happened – all the adults would tell me was that she had been sent to her room and wasn’t allowed to play anymore today.

I pestered my mum and aunt to death about this, asking why my cousin couldn’t come down to play, or why I couldn’t go to her room. I was a real pain, whinging constantly.

My aunt finally reached the end of her tether when she caught me slowly edging my way up the stairs. I had pushed my luck just a little too far! My aunt pointed out my naughtiness to my mum, who after a short discussion with my aunt took my hand and led me upstairs. I was very happy – I had finally got my own way, I was going to play with my cousin!

However, instead of heading to my cousin’s room mum led me to another room and shut the door. This was my aunt’s bedroom, where unfortunately for me my aunt had left a chair and a hairbrush handy.

The very same chair that she had used to spank my cousin was now occupied by my mum. Down came my knickers and over her knee I went, and in no time at all I was crying my eyes out.

When mum was satisfied that my bottom was the colour of a ripe tomato she threw the horrible hairbrush on the bed and, taking me by the scruff of my neck, walked me briskly to my cousin’s bedroom. I was shoved inside, sobbing as a fire raged inside my knickers.

Mum said sternly: “There you go – now, stay there and if either of you come out of this room before we tell you, you will both get another spanking, together!” With that, she slammed the door and left us girls facing each other. She was very, very cross!

My cousin, still red-eyed from her own spanking, looked at me in astonishment. By now, I didn’t care about anything except my burning bottom, and I certainly didn’t feel like playing anymore!

I lay on her bed and cried for a while, rubbing my sore backside. We were not allowed out of the room for ages, until finally Mum came for me and told me we were going home.

Even worse, once we got home my knickers came down again and I got a further hand spanking off my mum because I had been so naughty at my aunt’s house.

On top of the hairbrush spanking I had received earlier, this was horribly painful. Mum’s hand didn’t hurt as much as the hairbrush, of course, but on top of my earlier roasting it stung like hell, and the smacking just seemed to go on and on.

My God, when I think back, how I cried, yelled, kicked and fought with all my might, but Mum held me across her knee tightly and spanked me soundly.

I was still crying when I was tucked into bed immediately after the punishment – I certainly had no need of a hot water bottle that night! As Mum left me to cry myself to sleep, I was warned that she would smack my bottom every night for a week if I ever misbehaved like that again. It was a very long time before I was naughty again, that’s for sure!

Contributor: Jenny

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