A change in policy

When I was growing up in the 1950s and 60s, parents did not hesitate to scold their children publicly, or even spank them. I have many memories of mothers walking with their kids, holding belts or small switches.

On a few memorable occasion’s, I got the opportunity to see that implement used on the child’s bare bottom. At other times, I knew that a child was on the way home to be spanked privately – but most assuredly on his or her naked behind. In those cases, especially as I grew older and more sexually aware, I would often fantasise about that particular child lying over their mom’s lap, underwear around their ankles and being thoroughly whipped.

and being bare bottom punished.

My own mother used a belt on me. However, unlike many of her contemporaries, she didn’t believe in spanking me publically, or on the bare bottom even in the privacy of our own home. She told me later that she was afraid that if she spanked me bare, she might accidentally hit my genitals, especially as she whipped me standing up rather than putting me across her knee.

However, one day, at the age of 12, all this changed, after my teacher called my mom and complained that I had yelled at her in a disrespectful manner.

When I approached the house, she waiting outside for me – dangling a black leather belt from her hand. When I got close enough, she shook the belt at me with a face like thunder. “I’m ashamed at your behaviour!” she yelled. As I got within arm’s length, she grabbed me and spanked-walked me into the house.

Then, once we were safely inside and for the first time ever, Mom instructed me to bare my bottom. I looked up at her as I slowly and reluctantly lowered my pants and then my underwear she was so angry at me but I still remember how pretty she was, even in that moment of stern, motherly discipline.

Once my bottom was bared, the usual punishment proceeded. There were two differences. First, the belt was stinging a lot more now it had my bare buttocks to deal with, and secondly my privates – normally safely encased in my underpants – were swinging freely with every smack Mom administered.

The spanking seemed to last forever – but finally stopped very suddenly as the belt nipped my testicles and I screamed with the pain. Mom appeared very shocked – she dropped the belt and took me in her arms saying she was sorry. I had a good cry for a couple of minutes into her bosom, then when she had calmed me down sufficiently, she sat me on her lap and examined my balls to check for any damage.

By the age of 12, it had been some time since my mother had touched me in such an intimate area and to my utter shame and her obvious embarrassment, I got an erection.

Perhaps to cover up her discomfort, Mom suddenly became all business. “John, I think having your spanking on your bare bottom did you a lot of good, so that’s how it’s going to be from now on.

“However, I don’t want to risk hitting your privates again, so in future you will be put over my knee to be spanked again, just like when you were a little boy. I will find something more controllable to beat you with, maybe a hairbrush or paddle.”

She actually wound up buying a small leather paddle, which she didn’t hesitate to use on my bare bottom if I was naughty, right up until I left home. I did not enjoy these spankings but did experience plenty of other erections after my penis was had lain against the fabric of my mother’s pants, or even her bare thigh in the summer months. Mom never said anything about these incidents, presumably taking them as normal for a growing boy.

Contributor: John

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