Mother and son intimacy

As a boy growing up in the 50s, I was used to getting the slipper from my father, as I suspect were many other children of that tie. The punishment definitely hurt but was not too bad.

However, at 11 years old, I went through a phase of wetting the bed. My mother told my father that I needed to be punished more severely for this, so she stripped me naked and held me over a stool and told my father to give me six of the best on my bare bum.

Dad was always tired after a hard day’s manual work, but he reluctantly took the belt to my bum and gave me six strokes – and, to be honest, they were barely not much more than ‘strokes’ too.

In frustration, Mum told Dad to hand her the belt. She got him to hold me down and really belted me very hard, leaving me with a very red and sore bottom and in floods of tears.

After this had been administered, she took me to the bathroom and gave me a bath. After drying me off, Mum took me back into the lounge, where she laid me down naked and got a nappy to put on,me. This was of the old-fashioned cloth types, which had to be secured with safety pins.

I was quite used to my mother seeing me naked but having to walk to my bedroom in just a nappy while my father and sister looked on was extremely embarrassing.

For weeks afterwards, I had to wear a nappy to bed. Mum would often visit my room late a night and have a feel to see if I was still dry.

After a while, I was allowed back in ‘big boy’ pyjamas to sleep again, but I would still occasionally have an accident in the night.

If Mum found I had wet the bed, she would give me a thorough beating with the belt, followed by a cold bath. By this point she had told my father that she would take care of any corporal punishment needed from now on.

Whenever she decided I deserved it, Mum would take me to my room, strip me naked, put me over her knee and give me at least six hard strokes of the belt.

I had numerous sessions like this over the years until I went away to college.By the time I was 13 and going through puberty, I began to get erections when lying over Mum’s knee. On one memorable occasion her leg was wet when I got up from my beating – in my innocence I thought I had wee’d on her, but of course in retrospect it was pre-cum.

I eventually got too big to go over Mum’s knee, so instead she would have me to lie on my bed with my feet on the floor. This meant my bum was higher up and easier to beat. Mum started to thrash me harder and harder and I know in my heart that she was enjoying it.

Even though I was in extreme pain, I must admit to also getting a strange kind of pleasure from these encounters. In fact, as I was got older, I actually started looking forward to my beatings.

Obviously, all this was many years ago and boys today don’t receive beatings like this – but I must say, they don’t know what they are missing. Even from a young age, they don’t let their mothers see them naked and there’s no way they will be spanked.

Let me tell you, for all I suffered lots of pain, I actually loved my mother stripping me naked. I also enjoyed her seeing my penis as it was growing bigger and I know she loved seeing it too, as she started to take a keen interest as I was getting older. Our sessions became more intimate and naughty – but that’s another story.

Contributor: James

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