A singular spanking

I only got one spanking as a kid that I really remember, and that was when I was seven years old. This was back in 1988 – my mom and dad had just divorced, and I was unsettled and unhappy, as were my sisters. My mom had custody of us and although we did see Dad every week, we really missed him around the house.

One day, our school called my mom and basically told her that my sisters and I were not handing in any of our homework, weren’t listening in class, and basically being pains in the butt.

I guess that because of the stress of separating from her husband, Mom was on a short fuse. Anyway, she just exploded and called us all down to the rumpus room. Once we were there, she tore us down a strip, ending with the memorable sentence: “You are all getting a spanking!”

My sisters began to cry and begged Mom not to punish them. I, on the other hand, just stood there, not really understanding the situation, I think.

Mom grabbed my eldest sister first and pulled her over her lap, giving her about 10 good slaps on her skirted tush before pushing her skirt up and giving her another 10 on the tops of her thighs. My other sister got the same treatment, and then it was my turn.

Mom pulled me over to her, but at that point I came alive and started fighting her and trying to pull away. My sisters’ tears were a clear indication of how much their spankings hurt, but they at least had obeyed Mom and lain across her lap to receive their punishments.

I hadn’t, so I suppose this was why Mom thought I deserved to have my pants and underpants taken down to be chastised on my bare bottom.

Once she had removed my clothing, Mom hauled me across her knee and gave me a really good spanking, maybe 50 smacks on my bare butt and thighs. It stung real bad and of course I cried, but still I tried to get away from the place of punishment.

Mom turned to my sisters, who were obviously shocked to have witnessed a bare bottom spanking, and sent them to their room. Once they had departed, Mom turned to me again. She pinned me down on the couch, her knee in my back, and gave me another 50 or so hard spanks on my bare backside.

My buttocks were absolutely on fire, and to this day, I can vividly remember how red they were once my mother had finished with me and also sent me to bed.

Contributor: Anonymous

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