Spankings on set

I’m a moderately successful former child star, what you might call a ‘Class B’ actress – background work, a few lines here and there, one or two guest star appearances.

I was active between 1997 and 2012 and built up a pretty good reputation behind the scenes in Hollywood. I never got a lead role, but I didn’t really need one – I was acting to get money to pay for college; all I needed was enough to see me through. I’m known enough that I can’t risk putting my name to this story, and I’ve changed other names to prevent me from being identified. 

In my acting world, spanking was super-common. Pushy stage moms (and a few stage dads) plus exhausted kids doing the same work over and over again, led to lots of hot butts. I knew I was into spanking at a pretty young age, and I enjoyed seeing and hearing many of my peers getting their behinds warmed.

My mom wasn’t really a stage mom but she’d get pissy if I wasn’t taking direction well enough. She didn’t want me to get a reputation as difficult to work with, because she knew it was my college education on the line. With this in mind, she kept in her purse a little wooden paddle she had picked up at a gas station.

The question ‘do you need to go to the bathroom?’ kept me in line most of the time. But when I didn’t mind her, Mom wasn’t afraid to use that paddle. She’d wait til the next break on set, then take me to the bathroom. Most (especially those on the permanent lots) featured a handy couch where Mom could sit down, put me over her knee, bare my bottom and give it to me good. It didn’t matter whether I was three or 15 – if I pissed her off, I’d be over her knee. 

I worked with a very famous former child star, whom I’ll call Angela. She was the lead in a show that I was a regular background on, and her mother was the stage mom to end all stage moms. It was common knowledge that Angela had lost some opportunities because her mom had a reputation for being difficult.

Every time Angela got direction or was asked to reshoot a line, her mom put a little cross mark in a book. Eventually, she would administer five spanks to her daughter’s bottom for every cross in the book.

I never saw Angela being spanked but I certainly heard her being punished, because her individual dressing room was right next to the bigger one shared by all us background girls. We’d be eating peanut butter sandwiches and listening to Angela wailing and hollering as her mother administered the punishment.

I did ask Angela about her spankings once, and she just laughed. She replied: “If you think my mom’s bad, you should see what Brandy’s mom does to her butt when she gets home!” Brandy was another lead actress, though less famous than Angela, and my curiosity was piqued. Sadly, I never found out what Brandy’s mom did to her bottom but it doesn’t take much imagination to guess!

Once, I worked on a made-for-TV Christmas movie once which had a historical setting. I can’t give too many details here because it would be relatively easy to identify, but there was a scene involving a switching. I remember the director walking around with a switch, swishing it and remarking that he wished he could use it on us kids when we didn’t take direction well!

I stopped acting, went to college and live a pretty good life now. I really want to get into the spanking video scene but I just hate to think of the headline if I did: “Former child star turned pervert!” 

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