Little brother’s comeuppance

I grew up in the 2000s, and by that time I don’t think spanking was really that popular among parents – certainly not the archetypal underpants down, over-the-knee punishments, at least in the north of England where I lived.

That said, when I was little I got a smack on the bum about once a week. It wasn’t never intentionally given on the bare bum, but if it happened when Mum was giving me a bath or getting me dressed, it would of course end up being on it.

My older brother got smacked a bit more often, but my little sister hardly ever received corporal punishment. For all of us, it wasn’t a planned, ritualistic punishment – just a random slap now and then, when Mum lost her patience.

I only witnessed one ‘proper’ spanking when I was little, and that was given to the little brother of my best friend James. I was playing at their house when James and I were both about eight years old.

On this particular day, his five-year-old brother Reese was being really annoying. He kept running in and out of James’ room, making himself a nuisance, farting and burping at us, generally being a gross little brother.

Eventually, James ended up chasing him out of the room. Their mum got a bit upset about the noise we were making and told us to be quieter. Moments later, Reese came bursting back into the room, screaming and yelling. He’d pulled his T-shirt up to show off his belly, for some reason, and he had held a plate in front of his plate like a mask.

At that moment, his mother came into the room and in a sharp voice, called his name. He jumped with surprised, dropped the plate and it smashed into several pieces.

Naturally, that made his mum even angrier. She started telling him off, but Reese just screamed even louder, refusing to listen, even shoving his fingers in his ears.

That was enough for his mother. She grabbed him, turned to me and apologised for his behaviour, then pushed her little boy and yanked down his elasticated-waist jeans. She then proceeded to give him around 15 hard smacks on the seat of his underpants, while he roared all the more. 

I’m definitely against hitting children, but as a spanking fetishist I find stories on websites like yours very stimulating. Reese’s spanking was my sole source of fantasy fuel for quite a few years (until I Googled ‘spanking’ for the first time!) and I’ve relived it over and over in my head.

I saw Reese recently in town – he’s 19 now and I think he’s at uni. It’s funny to me that my longest-lasting memory of him is as an annoying little brother getting his bottom thoroughly smacked, rather than the mature, handsome adult he is now!

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