A tradition of family discipline

I would like share some thoughts and life experiences with you. I am a mother of two daughters in their mid-20s. I raised the girls on my own after being divorced when they were just five and three years old.

I grew up in a rural community in the southern US as the youngest of two sisters and a brother. The way it worked in my family was that Mother handled the discip!ine of us girls while Dad saw to our brother. The latter, however he was one of those rare kids who was unusually well-behaved and Dad rarely had to punish him.

However, you could say us girls made up for it – we were full of mischief and Mother was strict. When we were small and naughty, she simply turned us over her knee and spanked us with her hand, often as not on our bare bottoms.

When we reached 10 or 11, she had started using her hairbrush and when we reached our teens a wooden paddle – one of those with holes, similar to those used at schools – was employed on our behinds. Mother sometimes also applied a switch to our bare legs – mainly during the summer, when we’d be in our shorts or swimsuits.

Once, I got my legs thoroughly striped for wearing ‘too short’ shorts in public. I can tell you, it’s a very unpleasant experience having to do the ‘switch dance’ while wearing shorts or a bathing suit.

However, the paddle was worst of all these punishments. We always got it on our bare bottoms, although sometimes Mother would start off over our clothes, especially if we were wearing something she did not approve of, such as a pair of really tight slacks. But she always finished up on the bare seat.

Both my sister and I found ourselves taking the next few meals standing up if we really messed up or she felt we had really gotten out of line – like the time she found out we had shoplifted. We were 14 and 16 by then, and the embarrassment of the spanking was almost as bad as the pain and resultant discomfort afterwards.

I raised my own two daughters in exactly the same way. I started off with hand spankings when they small, although I did not begin spanking until they were old enough to understand about the difference between right and wrong.

By the time the eldest was about 12, I had gone over to using first the hairbrush and then the paddle. I also used the switch like my mother did. My girls really hated the switch, as the marks of their obvious misbehaviour and punishment would be visible for a few days, and teenage girls are so vain about how their legs look.

I never spanked for minor infractions, only for major misbehaviour such as disrespect, lying and serious flouting of house rules (too-frequent curfew violations, for example). The girls were quite clear about the rules, and knew the consequences for breaking them.

I sometimes combined paddling their bottoms with groundings and loss of privileges. Yes I was strict, but neither were there problems with drugs use or teen pregnancies. as was the case with too many of their classmates.

I continuing spanking my daughters after they went off to college and came home on vacation. Both got paddled as old as 20. However, once they turned 18 and became legal adults I did not have some of the rules, like curfews, I enforced when they were minors. They were no longer girls but young women, although I still expected them to behave responsibly.

I must say, it bewilders me when you hear girls as young as 12 say they are too old to get a spanking. What a pack of nonsense! In my opinion, teenage girls are the ones who need their bottoms warming the most, especially the older ones who are are on their own and think they can run wild and do as they please.

Often, when I see so many young women today – the way they behave, the way they talk, all the cursing and foul language, parading around nearly naked in those floss bikinis and those disgusting ‘booty shorts’ – I think how badly they need a good old-fashioned spanking”.

To be honest, even some of us who are not so young could sometimes benefit from the same treatment. There’s a loud-mouthed woman in my neighbourhood who struts around with her fat butt hanging out of very skimpy shorts – I would love to take my paddle and apply it to what she’s showing off! She’d be standing up and eating her meals off the mantelpiece for a week!

Contributor: Joanne

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