Not your job

By the time I was 12 or 13 years old, regular spankings from my mom for discipline had stopped. However, by now well into puberty, I remained fascinated by seeing other children being spanked, or reading about such events.

Eventually, I began self-spanking. I would find something to smack my own bottom with – usually a hairbrush or one of my mother’s sandals and work away at my own bare butt. It hurt but the warm smarting afterwards made the pain worth it.

One time, when I thought nobody was home, I went to the spare bedroom and found the sandal so I could spank myself. I took down my pants and underwear and had begun to beat my bare bottom when I got a big shock – I happened to look over my shoulder and saw Mom standing in the doorway, watching me.

In confusion and embarrassment, I dropped the sandal and tried to run past her but she was able to grab me. She sat down on the bed and had me stand in front of her, so she could talk to me. She did not want me to feel ashamed but wondered if she had been wrong about stopping my spankings. During this talk I developed a noticeable erection.

Mom spoke softly to me, saying: “Smacking your own bottom is not your job – that is for mommies to do. If you want me to continue your spankings, bring the sandal to me at bedtime and you will go to bed with a sore bottom.”

I did just that and she gave me a thorough beating with it, making my bottom hum. Afterwards, she held me close to her breasts and said: “Right, John – in future, you will continue to be spanked when you are a naughty boy. But no more self-spanking, do you hear?”

I promised to be a good boy and was put to bed with a very warm backside. Needless to say, puberty dictated that I disobeyed her instructions. I continued to self-spank (and subsequently masturbate) frequently.

Only once did my mother catch me again. This time, she took off the belt she was wearing and bent me over the bed for a long, hard whipping on my bare buttocks. In hindsight, though, she had already lost this particular battle to my testosterone. I continued to spank myself and wank afterwards but made sure I was never caught again.

Today, I still self-spank but my wife watches as she loves to see my dick and balls swing from the impact. Of course, I now have someone to take care of my orgasm afterwards and I come hard either in her vagina or her mouth.

Contributor: John

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