This little piggy…

Like a lot of little boys, my mother used a euphemism to refer to my penis when I was young. I was taught to call it my ‘piggy’. So let me tell you how this little piggy earned his owner a good sore bottom one day…

By the time I was nine years old, I had discovered the delights of pleasuring myself, although I had only a dim perception of what it was all about. I had discovered that while lying on my belly watching TV, I could rub my member back and forth inside my underpants by shifting my hips back and forth. My penis would get stiff and I liked how it felt, so I did it when I could.

One day my mom noticed what I was doing and must have realised what was happening. In a very firm voice, she said: “Eddie – stop that right now or I will spank you.” I was no stranger to my mother’s lap at that age, having received dozens of spankings, so I knew she meant business.

I immediately stopped masturbating. However, I liked the feeling too much to stop doing it entirely, so I just made sure I never did it when my mother was around.

Then, one day when I was just finishing my bath, Mom came in and told me to let the water out of the tub, then dry myself off. She left me and instead of immediately complying with her instruction, I decided the tub might be a great place to stimulate myself again.

I lay flat on my stomach and began to rub my penis back and forth on the tub. All the water had drained out now but the tub was still wet and it felt really good. Unfortunately, I was so engrossed in pleasuring myself that I didn’t hear Mom come back into the bathroom with some fresh clothes. She saw what was happening and was horrified.

I jumped as I heard her shout: “Eddie, no! Stop that! Get out of that bath right now, young man!” I reluctantly hauled myself out and what I had been doing was all too obvious, as I had a prominent erection.

“Good boys do not do that with their piggy! Get over the toilet!” I laid down on the toilet seat. It was a position Mom often used when she was giving me an enema but at this particular moment she had another use for my bare bottom…

Mom held me down in the middle of my back with one and began to administer perhaps the hardest spanking I had been given up to that point. She was standing right over me, so she could freely swing her muscular arm, and my bottom was still wet from the bath, which made the punishment hurt even more than usual. The windows were open and anyone outside would have had no doubts about what was happening to me, my mom punctuating the smacks with the rebuke of ‘bad boy!’

The pain didn’t seem to be confined to my behind – it shot down my legs and up my back too. My buttocks were completely on fire, both on each cheeks and across my crack.

When she had finished spanking me, Mom made me sit on the toilet while she delivered herself of a lecture, of which I can’t remember not one word today.

Finally, she let me go and I was able to run to my room and throw myself on my bed, lying on my side for the sake of comfort. That didn’t last long, as Mom came in and ordered me to lie on my back so I could feel what a naughty boy I’d been. It took some time for the pain to subside and be succeeded by that familiar post-spanking warmth.

Looking back, the incident was a classic clash between a boy growing up and discovering his sexuality and his mother being determined to keep him as her ‘baby’. Naturally, the spanking didn’t stop me masturbating privately in future, but I certainly felt more like a four-year-old once my mother had done with my bare bottom.

Contributor: Eddie

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