The pastor’s advice

Sometimes, even the most well-intentioned and loving parents can doubt that they are raising their child properly with the right mix of reward and discipline. The latter would include such things as spankings or whippings that might be called for from time to time.

This all happened after my mom caught me masturbating one day. She hesitated to punish me for it, because in one way it was a natural thing for children to do. However, she was upset with me because I had not taken care to touch myself in private.

So it was that after church one Sunday morning, Mom went into the pastor’s office to consult him about the matter. She told him exactly what she had caught me doing, and where (in the garden, for the record). The pastor assured her that masturbation was a normal thing for young boys, but he agreed with her that it must be done only in private.

I was waiting outside the office and it this point, I was called in to it by my mother. She made me tell the pastor what I had done, and I confessed to it with a huge blush on my face, due to the shame. He tut-tutted. “You know, Johnny, your mom may want to punish you for what you did.” I began to cry bitterly, apologising desperately both to him and my mother.

Then Mom dropped a bombshell. “Well, Johnny, since you don’t respect the rules of privacy, it seems to me that it won’t do you any harm to have your bare bottom spanked in front of the pastor here. What’s more, everyone passing by this office will hear you cry and know that there’s a naughty boy in here getting his bare bottom warmed.”

I looked desperately at the pastor, hoping he wouldn’t want to see me spanked, but he agreed I should be punished and from his flushed face, in retrospect he probably was quite excited at the prospect of seeing a growing boy getting his bare bottom tanned by his mother.

Mom pulled me towards her, leant me over her shoulder and slowly pulled down my pants and undies. She spoke softly in my ear as she bared my bottom. “Johnny, I never want to have to do this again, so I’m going to beat you thoroughly. Every inch of your behind is going to be swollen and painful once I’ve finished with you. What you did was shameful!”

My bum was now bare and the pastor was watching me closely. Before she took me over her lap, Mom opened her handbag and made me look inside. Nestling there was a hairbrush from her vanity. The oval ‘business end’ was big enough to cover an entire cheek of my small bottom. Mom had never used the hairbrush on me before but I knew other kids who got it and who reckoned it hurt far more than the belt. I was really scared.

I soon found out that those kids had been right. It was by far the worst spanking of my life. Swat after swat of that brush fell on my defenceless rear end, and there’s no doubt my screaming could be heard outside of the privacy of the office.

After the spanking was over, Mom sat me on her lap and comforted me as she always did. “Are we ever going to have to talk about this subject again?” I shook my head vigorously and assured her I had learned my lesson.

I was so sore that I had to sleep on my tummy for a few nights, but I consoled myself with doing in private exactly what I had been spanked for.

Contributor: John

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