Four burning butts

My parents often travelled on business, and when that occurred, my Aunt Ruth came over and stayed with us.  At the time of this incident I was 16 and my brothers Roy and Allen were 15 and 13 respectively.

Aunt Ruth was a very caring person, but she was also a no-nonsense sort of woman who didn’t tolerate misbehaviour.  While my parents did sometimes spank us, Aunt Ruth took things to a whole new level and we were generally very well behaved whenever she was around.

One hot summer evening, we spent time in the back yard in our swimsuits with the neighbour’s daughter, Cassandra, who was also 16. We were having a water fight, and everyone was fine with that, but then it got dark and we all had to head inside. 

However, we were all still hyped up and ended up sneaking back outside a bit later, where we again met up with Cassandra and started to play a game of ‘ditch’ in the dark. However, we must have made too much noise, because the neighbours heard us out there and confronted us in our backyard. So it was that very soon after that, all four of us were marched up to our house and a knock on the door brought Aunt Ruth out to greet us all.  

Cassandra’s mother spoke to Aunt Ruth and they both called us into the house.  We knew we were in trouble with Aunt Ruth – but did not realise how much!  Aunt Ruth and Cassandra’s mother announced that we were going to be spanked ‘within an inch of your lives’, and we all began to fidget in fear.  They left us standing in the living room, while the two women went off. When they returned, Aunt Ruth was holding the bath brush she regularly used to spank us, while Cassandra’s mother was holding a wicked-looking hairbrush that she had borrowed.

I started to sob a bit, then Aunt Ruth grabbed Allen and pulled him over the hassock.  She immediately pulled down his swim trunks, leaving him with a white, wet butt and fully naked before us all. Aunt Ruth began to lecture Allen and while this happened, he developed an erection. It was pointing at the ceiling, and his face was bright red with embarrassment, by the time Aunt Ruth finally pulled him over her lap and went to town on his butt with the bath brush. It had a patterned back, which really hurt like heck on a bare bottom! 

In no time at all, my younger brotherwas kicking and squirming and begging Aunt Ruth to stop. Cassandra’s mother grabbed his arms to keep him from trying to protect his butt, and the spanking went on.  His white bottom went pink and then deep red as he howled in agony.  Allen’s spanking must have gone on for about four minutes before Aunt Ruth let him up, and he danced from foot to foot holding his butt while his junk flopped up and down in most obscene manner.  Cassandra’s mother grabbed him by the ear and put him against the wall.  

Roy was next and when Aunt Ruth pulled down his swim trunks, he was already hard and bobbing slightly up and down. She took no notice of it and she gave him a long lecture before putting him firmly over her lap.  Roy was much more animated during his spanking, but again Cassandra’s mother held him in place while the bath brush spanked his butt and thighs.  His spanking was longer and when Aunt Ruth let him up, his legs were shaking as he was put next to his brother along the wall.

Aunt Ruth then grabbed Cassandra. She pulled down the girl’s one-piece bathing suit, leaving her naked for her punishment.  Cassandra was near hysterical at being exposed and when she resisted being put over Aunt Ruth’s lap, her mother slapped her to make her co-operate.  Then Aunt Ruth really laid into her backside, and the screams and crying were frantic evidence of how much the spanking hurt. I’m sure both my brothers got a good look at things, as they occasionally dared to glance over their shoulders to see Cassandra kicking her legs wildly and exposing her privates.

Cassandra’s pleading and crying eventually became unintelligible and when she was finally pushed off Aunt Ruth’s lap, her spanking dance was enhanced by her bouncing tits, which again were noted by the boys. Her mother put her against the wall on the other side of the room and suddenly it was my turn.  

Again, Aunt Ruth pulled my one-piece swimsuit off and the cool air on my butt was a reminder of how naked I was. I found myself looking at the floor over her lap and the first smacks of the bath brush sent me into a screaming fit.  Aunt Ruth laid several spanks on the same spot before moving on.  The smacks to my thighs were the worst, although the ones that hit my bottom crack were also really painful.  I too regressed into babbling as the agony of the spanking took over – it felt like a lifetime.

However, Aunt Ruth eventually pushed me off her lap and it took me a minute or so to realise the show I was putting on jumping up and down and rubbing my butt trying to extinguish the fire that was inflicted by the bath brush.  Cassandra’s mother put me against the wall and told the boys to turn around.

I and Cassandra looked back. Both boys still had solid erections, even as the tears rolled down their faces. When Cassandra’s mother picked up the hairbrush and told Allen to come to her, the begging and wailing increased tenfold.  Aunt Ruth finally grabbed him by the hair and helped pull him over the other woman’s lap. 

Cassandra’s mother really went to town on his already red backside. I thought Aunt Ruth spanked hard, but it was nothing compared to the smacking Cassandra’s mother gave out.  It was everything Aunt Ruth could do to hold the child in place as the spanking went on and he cried, screamed, squirmed and kicked in agony.

When she was finally done with Allen, his erection had shrivelled to nothing and his backside was deep purple, his legs shivered in pain.  Aunt Ruth put him against the wall – facing outward this time – and now it was Roy’s turn.

Roy begged as he was put over her lap and then let out a scream in agony as the hairbrush roasted his behind.  Again, his erection quickly disappeared as he howled and thrashed around while being held down my Aunt Ruth.  Each smack of the brush from Cassandra’s mother made a loud noise that sent Roy into hysterics.  Once he was finally let up, his butt was also purple and bruised and tears flowed down his face as he was put against the wall next to his brother – who I now noticed had regained his hard-on.

Cassandra begged her mother not to punish her in front of the boys, but she was eventually put over her mother’s lap.  I thought she was going to die from the howls and cries and violent kicking.  The boys eyes were glued to her bottom, while her kicking displayed everything between her legs, and both boys were now stiff again as they watched the show.

When Cassandra’s spanking was done, she had to be helped to walk and stand against the wall. Tears and snot dripped on to her breasts.  

Finally, it was my turn again. My legs were trembling as I was put in place and felt the first tentative taps of the hairbrush on my bottom. The throbbing pain already in my bum suddenly blossomed a hundredfold as the hairbrush hit home hard and fast.  Any concern I had about my modesty was replaced by trying to bear the incredible pain being inflicted on my bottom and thighs.  I soon grew hoarse from crying and thought for sure I was going to die.

The spanking seemed to go on forever but eventually I found myself being helped to my feet. Like my friend, my breasts were wet from the tears and snot. Then I and my brothers were ordered to bed. Cassandra, meanwhile, grabbed her bathing suit and seemed to no longer care that she was naked, as her mother marched her back to their house.

The next day, Cassandra and I both checked each other’s bruised bottoms, and judging from the way the boys were walking, their butts had to be as sore as ours. Needless to say, we never left the house again to play games in the dark. 

Contributor: Christine

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